Most Dangerous Places In The World?

Dillon, Delaney, Sidney, and Abby


The most beautiful places around the world can be the most dangerous.

Thousands, millions, even billions of people choose the life they live in these locations

Earthquakes happen everyday and can be very deadly and dangerous.

They happen where people vacation, and have the time of their lives, can be flattened out like a pancake with in seconds.

But little did they know what such beauty comes with a very high price.

Honshu, Japan

Why People Live There?

In Honshu, Japan there are several earthquakes that occur in a year. Most of the earthquakes are small and harmless. Honshu has several skyscrapers. Also has a volcano that has been inactive for many years. Many people live in Honshu for its large amount of space. Another thing they live there for is its unique culture, and the capital Tokyo is located in Honshu. How dangerous would a beautiful place like Honshu really be?

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Tectonic Plate Movements

Japan sits on the tectonic plate that lies on the eastern edge of the Asian continental plate. That plate faces the sub-ducting plates of the Pacific Ocean. The reasoning for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan is, when it occurred the Pacific plate slid under the North American plate. Northern Japan sits on the tip of the North American plate. The Pacific plate usually moves about three and a quarter inches a year. As that happened the earthquake showed a result of thrust faulting, as a violent movement of the Pacific plate compresses upward. The upward movement of the North American plate released large amounts of energy and displaces vast amounts of ocean water, that caused the tsunami. The wavelengths are long and heights are low, the waves traveled at more that 500 mph. Once the tsunami hit the shallower land, it caused the wave height to increase. Waves get pushed inland from all of the energy.

Why So Dangerous?

There are various reasons why Honshu, Japan is dangerous. One reason is when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit, it caused a lot of problems and there is a chance another earthquake like that could happen. In that 2011 earthquake a total of 19,300 people died. The cost was between 186 billion and 306 billion. That is just one reason it could be considered dangerous, possibly having another earthquake like that. Another reason it is dangerous is from the volcano that sits waiting to erupt once again. Its last eruption of Asama volcano that was one of its major eruptions was back in 1108 and 1783 A.D. It soon could erupt if it is disturbed by tectonic movement.

Talca, Chile

Talca, Chile

Why Live There?

Talca, Chile. A place with blue skies, white clouds, and magnificent mountains that line the sky. The ancient, gothic style churches leave people breathless, even those who have lived there their entire life. The water of the Pacific Ocean laps at the beaches, day in and day out, never stopping. But behind a day of beauty can be a years’ worth of destruction. So, is the beauty worth risking your life?

Tectonic Plate Movements

Talca, Chile isn't rare for just it’s beauty, but for the tectonic plates underneath. Talca is sitting on three tectonic plates, known as a “triple junction”. The Nazca Plate borders the South American Plate for most of the continent, but the Antarctic Plate grazes the tip. The Nazca Plate is subducting 80 mm per year, but the Antarctic Plate is also subducting beneath the South American Plate at a rate of 20 mm per year. This movement is not only creating new sea and ocean floors, but powerful earthquakes that shake the lives of many.

Why Is Talca So Dangerous?

Talca, Chile. Just looking at the mountainous landscape wouldn't give away the fact that there is three tectonic shifting slowly. And neither did the 128,405 people that had died, were injured or left homeless in 1928. The damage had been done in that 1 minute and 45 seconds of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Over 500,000 buildings, farms, roads, and homes were destroyed, the price at 25 million U.S. dollars. So, is the beauty worth risking your life?

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Sumatra Indonesia


The beautiful island of Sumatra is located in the western area of the Indonesian islands. Sumatra has tropical weather year round, with short times of rain in rain season. This culture rich area is widely known for their wildlife, clean and clear beaches, and of course their large variety of cultures. With it’s sandy white beaches, wide selection of cultural food it is a large tourist spot. The island of Sumatra is also known for having the best coffee and diving spots in the world! It is largely populated, around 50 million, because it is very cheap living. With all of these wonderful things, who wouldn’t want to live on Sumatra?! But what happens when mother nature comes knocking on their door with a vengeful force?


Sumatra is about 125 miles from where the Indian/Australian and the Eurasian plates meat. This creates the Sumatran Subduction Trench about three miles under the surface of the ocean. This is where the oceanic Indian/Australian plate is gradually sinking underneath the Eurasian plate, only moving a few centimeters a year. When these plates collided they also formed the Himalayan Mountains, the largest mountain range in the world. Scientist believe that after hundreds to thousands of years that the top plate will slip free causing it to rebound. This means that it will move back several meters generating a monstrous earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami.


July 2, 2013, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake shakes the island of Sumatra, killing 22 people and damaging thousands of homes. Although this may seem bad it is nothing compared to what they have seen in the past. December 26, 2004, tragedy strikes Sumatra at 7:58 am local time. A massive record breaking 9.1 earthquake rocks Sumatra to the core. This massive earthquake destroyed 1.7 million homes and buildings, costing around 10 billion dollars, the dead or missing is 227,898, this was the third largest earthquake in the world since 1900. Then in 2013 Mount Merapi erupts for the first time since 2010. This is the first eruption in history due to high gas pressure. It killed 300 people from the toxic gas, and people are still dying from it today; 20000 villagers were also evacuated. After the 2010 eruption the volcano is 30 meters lower than before. Indonesia is located in the ring of fire and has 129 volcanos, but not all are active. In total buildings destroyed or people displaced is about 1,100,000, cost around 7 trillion, according to The dead or missing is around 229,520 and counting because people die every day from the toxins they inhaled during and after a volcanic eruption.

Why People Live There

Anchor Point, Alaska is a quiet coastal community located along the Kachemak Bay. Some people choose to live here because of the great salmon fishing. Another reason why people live here is because of the great scenic views. It is located 14 miles northwest of Homer, Alaska. The average temperature in Anchor Point is 25 degrees fahrenheit.

Tectonic Plates

Anchor Point is located on the North American plate. It is located along the Aleutian Trench and the pacific plate. There is a fault line where the North American and the Pacific Plate meet called the San Andreas Fault. Southern Alaska is located in the ring of which is caused when the North American and the Pacific plates meet by Alaska. Ocean trenches and volcanic belts are caused by plate movement.

Why It's Dangerous

This place is dangerous because it is located in the ring of fire, which is a series of volcanic belts which are extremely dangerous. This place also has earthquakes almost everyday. Anchor Point usually only has on average 3 big earthquakes per year. Alaska has 1,000 earthquakes each month. Did you know that more earthquakes happen in Alaska than anywhere else in the U.S.


Natural disasters can ruin beauty, but the can enforce it too. The mountains of the world are one example of this majestic force of nature. One thing that should never be done is underestimate natural disasters. Scientists can never predict these overpowering movements, but neither can the people of the world. The best thing to do is to rebuild your life and the homes and buildings of many. So, would people risk everything in their life for beauty?