12 Days of Twitter Challenge

Complete the Challenge and Leave at 2:00 pm on a Wednesday!

Challenge Details

This challenge is designed to expose you to the beauty of Twitter. Yes, you can "Keep Up with the Kardashians on Twitter, but you can also learn from some of the very best educators across the world. Whether you have been on Twitter for years or have just started this year, this challenge will continue to expose the reason why Twitter is one of the best professional development tools available. While you are learning from other educators across the globe, you can also get a peek into other GCIS classrooms by following our school's hashtag #GCISlearns.

As if opening the door to the world to connect with thousands of other educators is not enough, folks who choose to complete the 12 Days of Twitter Challenge and complete the survey at the end of the challenge (listed at bottom of flyer) you will be awarded to leave on a Wednesday of your choice that doesn't fall on a building or a district day! How great is that!

Roll up those sleeves and lets get going!


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Great Link to Help with Twitter Questions as you take on the 12 Days of Twitter Challenge

Below is a great link with various additional links to support the twitter newbie! Click around, dive in! If you still have additional questions there are plenty of people willing to help!

Building Your PLN

Why do I need a PLN?

Day 1: Wednesday December 2nd

Day 1 Challenge: Create an account, Change Profile Pic, Find Other Tweeters!

Part 1 of Day 1:

If you don't already have your very own twitter account, your first challenge is to create your OWN account. You will need to have your own account to participate in this challenge! If you are already on Twitter you are halfway complete with the first challenge!

Part 2 of Day 1:

If you have already joined twitter with your own account, your challenge is to update your profile picture so it is not an "egg". No one wants to tweet with an egg.

Part 3 of Day 1:

  • Go to the hastag #12daysoftwitter
  • There you will find other twitter people looking to add to their Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • Compose a tweet introducing yourself, your position, and that you are looking to build your PLN. Don't forget to use the #12daysoftwitter and #GCISLearns
  • Scroll through the hashtag #12daysoftwitter to find others to follow. Of course if there are still people you need to follow on our staff make sure and follow them!

For additional resources about establishing a PLN click HERE

Day 2: Thursday December 3rd

Day Two Challenge - Take a Selfie

To complete this challenge take a selfie with your team, a teammate or a colleague and post it to Twitter with our school hashtag #GCISLearns. Include one thing you value and appreciate about them as a teammate!

Day 3: Friday December 4th

Day 3 Challenge: #PBL Resource

Share out a resource from #PBL that has been helpful in your understanding of Project Based Learning. This could be a quote, article, video, chart, image.

Day 4: Sunday December 6th

Day 4 Challenge: Chat Challenge!

Below are options for you to pick from at how you might participate in the twitter chat using the #IAedchat

Participate in #IAedchat tonight starting at 8pm. This chat goes for an hour. There are various ways you can participate in the chat they include...

  • Lurking: Just observing, (still introducing yourself to the group)

  • Partial Participation: Responding to some of the questions using (A1-A8) When responding to the questions place A1 for your answer to Q1. The moderator will use the format of (Q1-Q8) when posting the questions.

  • Full Participation: Responding to all the questions posted. Also interacting with others comments on the questions.

Once you are ready to jump in: Introduce yourself to the group (name, where you are from, and title) use the #IAedchat The chat begins right away at 8pm with about 5-7 minutes of introductions.

Here are 2 Chats happening on Sunday Nights worth participating in. Either one will do as you work on completing Day 4 Challenge.

#IAedchat 8:00-9:00 pm Sunday Nights

#TMchat 9:00-10:00 pm Sunday Nights

*Or find another option from the list of chats happening that night that meets your needs better from the options below.

Click HERE for a list of all the educational twitter chats! There's something out there for everyone! Check it out!

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Example of greeting when introducing yourself to the group.

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Day 5: Monday December 7th

Day 5 Challenge: What's Happening in your Class Today?

Tweet out a picture something happening in your classroom! Use the hashtag #GCISLearns Tell us what is going on in the picture!

Day 6: Tuesday December 8th

Day 6 Challenge: Retweet!

To complete today's challenge, find a tweet using the #GCISLearns hashtag that was tweeted the last few days and re-tweet (RT) one that you like. (One is the minimum. Feel free to RT more)

Day 7: Wednesday December 9th

Day 7 Challenge Find a new PBL person to follow!

Tweet to someone that you follow and find someone new to follow that has tweeted to the hashtag #PBL

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Day 8: Thursday December 10th

Day 8 Challenge: Quote

Tweet out your favorite quote & re-tweet one that someone has tweeted! Make sure you use our schools hashtag #GCISLearns

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Day 9: Friday December 11th

Day 9 Challenge: Tweet out a Question

Tweet out a question that you have about PBL. Use the hashtag #PBL and also #GCISLearns when tweeting. Let's see if you get a response or resource!

Day 10: Monday December 14th

Day 10 Challenge: Favorites

Tweet out your favorite educational book or blog and why you like it. Make sure you use the hashtag #GCISLearns Looking forward to seeing what you tweet! Looking for some good reads over break!

Day 11: Tuesday December 15th

Day 11 of Challenge: Advice 101

Tweet out the best advice you would give a new teacher to the profession! What piece of advice would you share with them? Make sure you use the hashtag #GCISLearns

Day 12: Wednesday December 16th

Day 12 Challenge: Set a Goal!

Tweet one goal you have for yourself, your students, or district/school for the rest of the school year!

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