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August 18, 2017

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School Starts Monday!!!

Dear Parents and Learners,

The school year is a few short days away and I wanted to make sure that you had the information you needed to make it a successful start! In the future, my newsletters will come out on Sunday evenings and are addressed to both parents and learners alike. We have found that learners having access to these newsletters helps us facilitate one of our learning outcomes: agency. Please use the fact that they receive this newsletter as a great point of conversation in your family about what happens at school!

Can't wait to see all of our learners on Monday! We know it will be a great year!

Steffany Batik


Rookie (and new learner) Laptop Information ***Important

Laptops will be issued the first day of school to all NTH@C rookies to use during the duration of their time at NTH@C. Laptops will need to have a hard case cover on them and can be purchased at a number of locations (including Amazon). The laptops are 13 inch MacBook Airs and learners can bring any hard case that they prefer. All learners will be expected to have their laptop cases by the end of the 2nd week of school.
If learners have not returned their iPads to their middle schools prior to this, they will need to return them at this time in order to be issued a laptop.

Important First Week Reminders

  1. We want to remind learners who start their day at CHS (for a UIL event like band, choir, athletics, etc.) that they need to start their day at CHS before coming to NTH@C. This is true even on the first day of school. It is very rare that you will be encouraged to miss your CHS class.
  2. The shuttle between CHS and NTH@C will be running on the first day of school and will follow normal shuttle times (click on the Bell and Shuttle Schedule Link Below to see those times). CHS will have a slightly different schedule on day one but the shuttles will run at the published times. Please set your alarm for your shuttle times. They will not announce when shuttles arrive at CHS.
  3. We begin the first couple of days at NTH@C in what are called first week projects. Learners will arrive to school on the first day and find their assigned rooms for first week projects on the doors and display boards in the front of the school. While first week projects are going on, learners will still attend their CHS classes at their normal times.
  4. The parent drop off loop is on the side of the building. The front of the building is where our buses drop off every morning. Please do not use the front for drop off as this will slow down buses and also interfere with staff parking.

Learners with Early Release and Late Arrival Week 1


Some dual credit classes do begin this week. If you have a Dual Credit class and have a release period that matches, please communicate with your junior or senior first week facilitator about your schedule. If you have a release that is not attached to Dual Credit, please be present for the school day.

Thank you.

Batik and Shaikh

Curriculum Night

Monday, Sep. 11th, 6:30pm

113 Samuel Boulevard

Coppell, TX

Join PTSO!!!

Purchase your PTSO membership by visiting the PTSO webstore. Membership in the PTSO helps us support NTH@C and gets you a copy of the student directory. To purchase, visit PTSO webstore

Eclipse Viewing

*Supply Need* We have been collecting cereal boxes, but if you have more please bring them on Monday.

All learners will have the opportunity to participate in the solar eclipse on Monday. We are fortunate to have a number of ways that learners can participate, including constructing devices, using devices constructed by the Earth and Space Science classes of 2017, and with the help of a parent expert! Learners will build pinhole viewers in their Networking times and have the opportunity to go outside to view the eclipse with their networks using the devices. Additional information will be coming from CISD about the solar eclipse, but here is some general information about safety and the construction of pinhole viewers:

Michael Upchurch at Pinkerton showing how to make a solar eclipse viewer that is large enough to place over a child’s head.

How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer

How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer-Large View Box. Made for parents helping to create a viewer for our classroom to use.

Here’s how to make a cereal box solar viewer

Make a solar eclipse viewer at home with a cereal box

Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein shows you how to make a safe solar eclipse viewer at home with a cereal box and just a few other items.

First Week Schedule

We spend the first three days at New Tech in what are called "First Week Projects". Please take a look at the schedule for the 1st week so that you do not miss out. Shuttles will run regularly during this time.

First Week Project Groups

We wanted you all to have the opportunity to see your groups before Monday. For our rookies, remember that you do not go to your NTH@C classes for the first 3 days of school, but will go to these groups.

A Day/ B Day/ and Wednesday Schedule

Please use this calendar to help you determine if days are A days, B days or Workshop and Wonderful Wednesdays.

Write- A- Check

Did you know that the New Tech PTSO will only ask you for a donation ONCE this year? No candy, wrapping paper, or discounts card sales. Promise!

Did you know that ONLY with your help, the New Tech PTSO is able to provide amazing benefits to our students and facilitators like:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Enrichment programs for learners/facilitators
  • Learner incentives and rewards
  • Teacher Appreciation events and gifts, and
  • Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Our 2017-2018 goal for the New Tech PTSO Fundraising Campaign is $10,000. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED!

Write-A-Check contributions of $25 or more will receive one NTH@C t-shirt.

Write-A-Check contributions of $75 or more will also receive the option of having a yard sign placed in your yard.

Please help us help your kids and their school!

Thank you in advance for supporting New Tech High @ Coppell!

Write-A-Check campaign ends September 15.

Coppell High School Bell Schedule for 2017-2018

Please click on the link to see the CHS Bell Schedule

Bus Information

The application form along with transportation guidelines for this year is The route link will be loaded August 7th for parents/students to view. New this year – everyone will need to provide his or her student ID number on his or her bus pass form!