The ultimate success in life

By: Yanni

Problem solution

Jackie Robinson Paragraph

BAM! HOME RUN by Robinson… And the Brooklyn Dodgers take the league. STOP! lets take it back for a minute. Jackie wasn't always supported by millions of people actually, it was the opposite. This is about about Jackie Robinson and how white people didn't want to accept him on a national baseball because he was black.

Jackie Robinson had a problem, the problem is that black people were not accepted into a national baseball league which in this case is the Brooklyn Dodgers. Since they already didn't like black people why on earth would they want him on “THEIR” baseball team? The question is how much strength does it take to stay calm and not be associated with violence? One possible solution is that Jackie Robinson shouldn't retaliate or lash out in anger because then the white people will say that, that's the reason we shouldn't have black people on the team, because their daughter and are not cooperative, but if you do not fight back some people will just eventually give up therefore you have won… Problem solved!

In conclusion Jackie Robinson is now one of the greatest legends in baseball because of what he did or took to get to where he is now (accomplished).


Winston Churchill Paragraph

Winston Churchill is a profile writer and legendary orator historical figure. He was born in November 30, 1874. His childhood wasn't an average childhood, he was born in his grandfather's house in England instead of a hospital.His mother and father weren't really around instead it was his nanny Elizabeth Everest. Throughout his life he has shown compassion, high self-esteem, and resilience. For example in the speech that he wrote in 10/29/1941, he said and I quote “The ten months that have passed have seen very terrible catastrophic events in the world- ups and downs, misfortunes- but can anyone sitting here this afternoon, this October afternoon, not feel deeply thankful for what has happened in the time that has passed and for the very great improvement in the position of our country and of our home.” Winston Churchill once said, “... meet with Triumph and Disaster. And treat those 2 imposters just the same.” From this quote, we know that Winston Churchill is telling us that other people mask their identity but we don't really notice we treat them just the same. This biography about Winston Churchill shows that he has inspired people to never give up and face the adversities and be resilient, have some should never give up.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

Leroy and Dartanyon



How are they alike?

Leroy and Dartanyon are alike because in the video they both have some type of form of a disability and they both are always there for each other. Also they both went on to be successful in life by graduating. (They both still keep in touch with Lisa) and lived in a foul neighborhood.

How are they different?


  • Has no legs

  • Is a father

  • Stopped with sports


  • Is blind

  • Won a bronze medal

  • Lost his mom


Eleanor Roosevelt

Event 1: Early life

Eleanor was born on October 11, 1984. She has 3 siblings named Hall Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt Jr, and Elliott Roosevelt mann. She lived in New york with her mom and dad until soon her dad left (then eventually died) and her mom died. Eleanor was still sad that her mom died even though she was never really lovingly fair to her.

Event 2: School

During her school years she never thought that she could be good at sports, with people constantly putting her down why would she even have a thought that she could succeed at sports but… not only did she try out for field hockey but she made the team, because she played aggressively she won a lot of her games and her teammates respect.

Event 3: Appearance

When Eleanor Roosevelt was little her mom wanted a boy instead of her not only did her mom not really want her but she insulted her in many ways because of her looks Eleanor saw herself as too tall, too thin, and too plain, she worried about her buckteeth which she believed made her look horse like. As you can see Eleanor didn't really like herself too much for most of her childhood.

Event 4: Marriage

Eleanor has always known her “sweetheart” or should I say her father's fifth cousin Franklin, yes Eleanor married her father's fifth cousin at age 19 when he was 21, but first they were engaged on November 22, 1903 and married on March 17, 1905 but soon started to have relationship problems from her holding in her anger.

Event 5: Children

On May 1906 they had their first kid named Anna Eleanor Roosevelt which was a priceless moment and soon they had 5 more children named James Roosevelt II, Franklin Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., and John Aspinwall Roosevelt II.

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Cause and Effect

Losing To Win

The reason why they opened up this school and its sports teams is because they wanted to help the people with a bad future or is in a bad situation. If kids never asked for help or showed that they needed help, life would just be worse in general with not only bad things happening but no one to tell anybody that it’s happening so due to this they would hold in or bottle up all there feelings and soon just break down which could also result to really bad things. The cause of them building this school is not as complicated as you think, some believe that there focus is to get the girls to trust people and believe in themselves and believe that someone else believes in them too! While others believes that it just helps them solve their problem because instead of stressing over what they're going to do when they go home they go play basketball instead and they enjoy what they do even though they lose most of their games they have perseverance in them to lead the way for their team. The effect of them playing basketball can be good or bad. One effect of joining this special basketball team is that they enjoy what they do and it makes them happy. A down effect is when there done playing the game and they still have to go back home to what they live in which could be drug abuse, no electricity or water, a rat infested house, vandalism, homelessness, physical abuse or Suffering from depression. Because of this outcome they need a little help in there life which was basketball for them.

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