Trojan Times

By: Principal Dufrene (Week of Nov. 9th)

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Greetings HHS,

I hope everyone was able to make it through our first 100% full week of virtual learning. As you know, we will be on the same schedule again this week, except on November 11th as we observe Veterans Day (no school). Attention all students, it is vital that you "check-in" each day to stay on top of your assignments in Schoology and contact your teachers if you need help or have any questions. We want every student to be successful and our teachers will work with you...all you need to do is to put in the effort to make it happen. If you are having trouble with internet issues let us know. Please remember, we are 50% done with classes for the first semester. The second nine weeks just started...let's get off to a strong start and stay on top of things the best you can. We will continue to face more challenges along the way, but together we will get through this and be better than ever, just don't give up!

Curbside Meals will be available Tuesday, November 10th at all schools. Please check the schools websites to see the curbside pick-up times.

Attention Seniors, Class of 2021> make sure you order your graduation cap and gown by December 20th using the link below...

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Hampshire Highlights...

- Congrats to our Girls' Volleyball Team for winning the Region 2 Section 2 Championship!

- A BIG shout out to Nurse Dante for putting in the extra hours making sure we are following all healthy expectations and keeping us updated.

- Great job by our teachers and students for taking on another challenge this week as we went 100% fully virtual. From day one, it has been overwhelming on both ends, but I am proud of the way we are fighting and doing what is best for our students.

- 1st nine weeks ended on November 5th. Teachers are working hard to finalize grades and entering them into Schoology. Our goal is to have report cards ready by November 16th.

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This Week @ HHS...

- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday> 100% Virtual Learning for all (Nov. 11th is a holiday).
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Counselor's Corner:

- ACT Virtual Prep Class begins Nov. 10th> click on the link for details...


Here is a video to walk you through the application process to Potomac State.

To view the update, click the link below:

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Technology Tips from Mr. Feazell:

Tech Tip November 8, 2020...

With the change into the 2nd Nine Weeks grading period, your grading reports are going to look a little different. The good part is Schoology is going to be giving you a lot of information that will let you know exactly where you stand and what your grade will be.

Starting now, in your Schoology grade report you are going to see 3 different grades. One for the 1st Nine Weeks, one for the 2nd Nine Weeks, and then a current Semester Grade. Your final grade in a class will be an average of the 2 nine weeks grades. Starting now you are going to need to pay attention to both the 2nd Nine Weeks grade and the Semester Average Grade. The 1st Nine Weeks grade will no longer change once everything is entered.

So how do you know where you stand in a class??? (see below)

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Our Mission:


- Mission> We will equip all with 21st Century Skills for a lifetime of success.

- We Believe...

* The faculty and staff are building a culture of success by focusing on 21st Century Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical-Thinking, and Citizenship.

* Success is the shared responsibility of students, staff, and community.

* All students have the ability to learn given the appropriate academic, social, and emotional resources.

* Our community is an important part of the Hampshire High School family, and we value their communication and collaboration involving the academic and social aspects for our school.

Believe & Achieve,

Mr. Dufrene