Romanticism-Keats Project

By: Hayley Wells

Historical Location

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - $152.60 Tour

Hotel - Novotel Rio de Janeiro Dumont: $146

Food - Budget: $100

Souvenirs - Budget: $75

Literature Location

  • Stratford-upon-Avon - $74.80 Tour

Hotel - Virginia Lodge: $74.80

Food - Budget: $75

Souvenirs - Budget: $50

Restaurant Location

  • Girona, Spain - $141 Tour

Hotel - AC Hotel Palau de Bellavista by Marriott: $91

Food - El Celler de Can Roca: $100

Souvenirs - Budget: $30

Other Locations

  • Los Angeles, California

Hotel - Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale: $169

Food - Budget: $30

Souvenirs - Budget: $45

  • Namibia - $68 Tour

Food - Budget: $50

  • Kenya - $835 Tour/Hotel

Food - Budget: $50

  • Seychelles

Hotel - Sunset Beach Hotel: $356

Food - Budget: $30

  • Fiji

Hotel - Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island: $142

Food - Budget: $30

  • Barahona, Dominican Republic

Hotel - Hotel & Restaurant el Quemaito: $65

Food - Budget: $30

  • Belize

Hotel - Black Orchid Resort: $105

Food - Budget: $50

Kenya Journal

This wonderful place can satisfy many of my needs. I enjoy a busy day of shopping and sightseeing in the skyscrapers. I then step across a boundary into a completely different territory and it feels so peculiar. I have found a balance in socializing and relaxing within this mighty and confusing destination. The wind curves out the land just as she wants it. The herds follow the similar path of that of the wind. Meanwhile, as the king looks over his subjects, I get to monitor any errors made in his government. Its diversity is immaculate and full of differences.

Fiji Journal

This was the perfect getaway spot. The warm sand beneath my feet reminds me of the many luxuries. That sweet breeze has left me latched to the beach. Unable to shift, I slowly close my eyes and drift into a mirage. All seems flawless, unchangeable, and unattainable, all at once, in this distant thought. I can’t contain the constant beat of the drum that strikes to sound of the waves. This paradise of paradises is unbeatable and indescribable. No words can be explainable.

Namibia Journal

The warm mornings were my alarm clock. I had always thought that my exercises were intense until I decided to climb the sandy dunes of Sossusvlei. My legs were ready to give out, but the friendly Himba people reassured that I could make it. The black rhinos had a sort of angelic ecstasy in their migration, in which, it was quite a breathtaking sight. The air had a dry, yet fresh scent that tempted my soul into a cooling relaxation. I listened and listened and I could not seem to find the sound of urbanization in the air. The cool evenings came to be the appropriate setting for a deep slumber. I had finally found the perfect location for my portraits.

Stratford-upon-Avon Journal

Shakespeare's home was quite peculiar. The faint smell of old rum and smoked cigars filled my lungs and yet, I strangely liked it. Knowledge was in the air and I was for certain that I could attain it. The country-side was the ideal destination for my long strolls for the peacefulness was overwhelming. There was a light mist that engulfed my surroundings. There was an abundance of wisdom that came around every corner and it took me by surprise every time. Although silent, the journey was tangible. It was a get-away not like the others.

Rio de Janeiro Journal

Oh, the clamor of such a busy city. The motion was nonstop and yet, it seemed there was a certain rhythm to it. The city moved with such grace, similar to that of a dancer. There was nothing out of place. But, his large hands had a way to silence the chaos. The darkness was the perfect setting for everyone to embrace their youth and juvenescence. It has the most impeccable correlation of vivaciousness and halcyon that it seemed so unreal. Flawlessness at its best.

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