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October, 2021

The Section 104(4) of Public Act 48 of 2021, commonly known as the state school aid act for Fiscal Year 2021-22, eliminated all provisions of the MKEO/KRA that affect all school districts, beginning October 1, 2021. The Michigan Department of Education has confirmed that the legislature’s intent by striking all references to the MKEO/KRA under Section 104(4) of Public Act 48 of 2021 was to allow for the optional administration of the MKEO/KRA in fall 2021.

While the requirement to administer the KRA is optional for the fall of 2021 per Public Act 48, access to the online KRA portal and the administration site will remain open. Districts, building administrators, and teachers will still have access to the assessment and will be able to download Individual Student Records (ISRs) to assist with informing instruction. Administration for the fall 2021 administration window will be voluntary only.

The KRA in MI Team is here to support anyone who chooses to implement.

Districts choosing to administer KRA for Fall 2021 should contact Miriam White at

To fill out a Help Desk ticket, go to The KRA in MI Team has officially taken over the Help Desk! You will now fill out a ticket using the MI Service Desk. You will need to create an account if it is your first time using this platform.

Don't forget to generate ISRs for each student or your whole class once all student scores have been entered but prior to the administration window closing. To generate one student ISR at a time, click the Generate button in the ISR column of the Dashboard. To generate all of the ISRs for your class, click the Generate ISRs for All Students button above the Student Roster. Here is a quick guide that gives step-by-step directions.

KRA Scoring Options

Big picture
Educators can use the student score sheet or the rating spreadsheet to add student scores in the KReady system.

To use the Student Score Sheet:

  • Log into the KReady system
  • Click the 2021 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment data collection link
  • You can either chose to use the Print Rating Sheets for all Students button or the Generate button under the Rating Sheet column for each student

To use the Rating Spreadsheet:

  • Log into the KReady system
  • Click the 2021 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment data collection link
  • Select Rating Spreadsheet from the Administration drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the dashboard


Reports for Data Managers and Building Administrators

  • KRA Student and Enrollment Report (Data Managers): This report ensures that all students are rostered and enrolled correctly. Be sure to verify that prior care fields have been added.
  • KRA Percentage Completion Report (Data Managers and Building Administrators): This report helps monitor that assessments are complete and that scores are entered.

Reports for Teachers

  • Domain Data Export: This report can be used to create small groups, differentiate instruction, provide interventions, and guide lesson planning.
  • Individual Student Report (ISR): Once a student has ALL items assessed and scored in the KReady system, generate the ISR for each student. Don't wait or you won't get this report until December, which makes the data less relevant as more instructional time has passed. This report can be shared with families. Fall Conferences is a great time to give the family a copy as it provides an opportunity to explain the assessment and scores students received.
  • Language & Literacy Report: Any student who receives a scaled score of 262 on the Language and Literacy domain is eligible for an IRIP.

10 Simple Ways to Make a Coworkers Day

Gerry Brooks is a veteran educator. He brings humor to tough topics in education. He shares 10 simple ways to make a co-worker's day on his blog. These simple acts of kindness and service can bring joy to your teammates. With the adrenaline we experience with the start of a school year wearing off, these small gestures may really help your colleagues make it through a difficult day or week!

Headspace for Educators

Headspace gives free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, and supporting staff. This app can help educators find calm in themselves or bring calm into the classroom. Meditation or mindfulness provided by this app can help increase focus and happiness.

(Click the Take a Breath poster image below to get the PDF for your classroom!)

Common Sense Media

The digital world provides fantastic ways to connect, learn, and experience new things that were once unobtainable. Many of us want to continue aspects of our digital classrooms this year. This requires building digital citizens in our classrooms. Common Sense Media provides wonderful resources for both educators and families around how to navigate the digital world safely. Common Sense Media for Families shares helpful guides for setting parent controls, developmentally appropriate apps, and articles about raising kids in a media-rich world. The organization also shares back-to-school resources, Ed Tech reviews, digital citizenship resources (for upper grades), and family engagement resources.

Fall Home Activity Link

Use the October Activities for Home below as an opportunity to not only have kids extend their learning in their homes but also get them outside! We shared this using Canva so that you can make changes as you see fit. Please feel free to share this with families!

Math Bingo Board

Use the Math Bingo Board below as an opportunity to give a choice-based homework assignment for the week. Offering students choice promotes positive relationships and strengthens cooperation. We shared this using Canva so that you can make changes as you see fit. Please feel free to share this with families!

Fall Books that Emphasize STEAM

Helpful hint: For each of the books above, we shared a video read-aloud for the book (click on the book cover) and a link to the text in Novelist. Novelist is a resource. It allows you to read about the book, see similar books, and even check the MeLCat to see if you can borrow it from your local library. Often, if your library does not have the book in their inventory, they can have it sent from another library in the network. This is a great way to expand your read-aloud book selection without having the expense of buying the books.

The 2021-2022 KRA Prior Care Form has been updated to include a pandemic section to gather data on how the pandemic changed prior care decisions made by families. This information is needed for kindergarten registration. Families should select one option as it will be input into the KReady system as a dropdown option.

The KRA in MI team is here to support your district or ISD's professional learning needs around data, reports, administration, or content regarding the four domains. Reach out to your KRA Facilitator and Data Coach for more information.

Data Manager Resources

The Fall 2021 administration window is now open! You can begin loading student and enrollment data. Keep in mind, there will be many new students and enrollments as the new school year gets closer. Please be sure to continually monitor your data so that it is up to date. The MiDataHub integration is still being tested. We will update all Data Managers when it is available so please don't start using it until you hear it is ready.

Data Manager Training Part A Resources

Data Manager Training Part B Resources

Important Links and Information

  • Data Manager User Manual has steps for all of the processes you will complete in the KReady system. (You can access this manual by logging into KReady > Administration > Support.)

  • Data Guidelines Site is where you can find the Data Guidelines, Technical Specifications, webinar recording, and other materials to support your role.

  • Data Guidelines is an important document that tells you which fields are necessary for administration and reporting. (Please note that this document can change so do not download or print!)

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