Technology Tools for Learning

Ms. Bass' 4th Grade Social Studies

Hi Parents!

I am writing to share some of the technology-based learning tools we will use in class this year. These will help your child complete curriculum-based assignments, enhance their technological literacy, and help me keep you informed as a parent. Below is a list of some of the classroom tools we will become familiar with:

1. Class Dojo
Class Dojo is an app that promotes parental collaboration and classroom management. I will use this app to assign behavior awards or comments that you can access immediately. Class Dojo works as a great incentive to promote positive behavior, as students know their parents are only a click away. If you have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone, please help me keep you informed by downloading the ClassDojo app.
​ClassDojo on the app store

2. Prezi
Prezi is a presentation software that allows students to bring slides to life-- it uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to provide captivating presentations. Students are able to choose from a great selection of themes and styles to personalize their creations. Your students can add pictures, videos, and interactive links to enhance their presentations. Students can collaborate to present group projects. In addition, I will also use Prezi to present lessons to the students.

3. Google Docs
Google Docs provide a way for students to access and edit documents in collaboration with one another. These are fantastic for group projects in any subject area, as students can add their information on their own time. As a teacher, I can log in and monitor who adds to a Google Doc and what they added, which is a benefit for grading.