Medici family


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background of the Medici family

  • they got there power from marriage
  • they were seen as friends to the public
  • used politics to there advantage
  • inspired some of the greatest artest

achievements of the Medici family

  • most of them were popes, rulers or pollination
  • the Medici family ruled form 1424 to 1743
  • the Medicis rose to become one of the most important houses in Florence.

impact on today

  • the family gave the idea of money or the use of the same thing for everyone to use so there isn't any confusion
  • inspired and were involved with some of the greatest artist

interesting facts and link

  • Piero and his brothers were sent into exile
  • the last Medici ruler died without a male in 1743
  • the family ruled for more than 3 centuries