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September 11, 2020

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September 16th: Fall Sports Pictures

4:00 PM Boys Tennis

4:30 PM Cross Country

5:00 PM Softball

September 18th: No School, Teachers Report

September 21st-24th: Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

September 22nd: Fall Sports Pictures 4:30 PM Boys Golf

October 2nd: Drive In Movie Night at SHS


Please continue to call the attendance line at 970-833-7105 to excuse your student's in person and virtual absences. Excusing your student does not exempt them from assignments assigned by an individual teacher. Students who are absent need to be in direct contact with their teachers concerning their absences and assigned work.


September 16th---Fall Sports Pictures

4:00 PM Boys Tennis

4:30 PM Cross Country

5:00. PM Softball

September 22nd---Fall Sports Pictures

4:30 PM Boys Golf @ Eaton Country Club

Order forms for sports pictures will be handed out by coaches.

**Due to postponed and recently added athletic events, please refer to the Calendar at for up to date sports schedules. Please sign up for Alerts for individual sports to receive updated information including cancellations and postponements.

If you have athletic questions contact:

Casey Yahn, SHS Athletic Secretary

970-833-7104 @SilverKnightsAD

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences this first semester will be virtual. We will have two sessions of parent teacher conferences to cover both quarters. The dates for conferences are:

Quarter 1: September 21-24

Quarter 2: November 9-12

More information will be coming midweek about conference schedules for quarter 1.

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Pictures are complete!

If you need to order pictures...Now is your chance!

Contact Studio 5 (linked)

Phone: (970) 674-0520

SHS Library News

We need your Help!

We would like to know from you, what you would like to see in our Library!? Are there books that you want, that we don’t have? Are there any programs that you would like to see? Fill out this questionnaire and let us know! SHS Library Questionnaire. We appreciate your feedback.

Looking for a book that may interest you? Check these out!

Did You Know?!?

"Arachibutyrophobia" is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week

Who: Any Colorado student can participate, no matter what age, but we highly recommend Juniors and Seniors

What: Virtual College Fair

Where: Comfort of your own home...virtually

When: October 5th-9th (week before Colorado Free Application Day on October 13th)

Information provide during the FREE Colorado Council Virtual College Fair Week:


Virtual Fair Booths


Individual College Information Sessions

Panel Presentations


German Corner


I know I wrote about Labor Day in Germany for German Corner on September 4th, but did you know that day was also National Currywurst Day in Germany? In fact, this iconic German dish turns 70 this year! The currywurst is as German as Lederhosen and Castles. Currywurst is a typical German bratwurst smothered in a combination of ketchup and curry powder served with French fries on the side. I have fond memories of eating currywurst with that tiny little fork and drinking Gluhwein (spiced mulled wine) while at several Christmas markets in Stuttgart and Munich. The origin of the currywurst is hotly disputed. One version is that it was invented in Berlin in 1949 by Herta Heuwer. Another has the currywurst’s birth in Hamburg. Finally, the industrial Ruhr region in Germany is the final contender for inventing the currywurst. Whatever its origin, this sausage has become a diet staple and cornerstone of German cultural identity. One study even found that 80 percent of Germans consider Currywurst a central part of their diet. It is estimated that 800 million currywurst are consumed each year in Germany. Help celebrate its birthday by trying a currywurst! It won’t be the same as at a Christmas market in Stuttgart, but delicious just the same. Viel Spaß beim Currywurstessen!


Weld RE-4 Families:

A new food benefit is available to Colorado families with school-aged children! Pandemic EBT, or P-EBT, provides eligible families with funds to help buy food since schools were closed this Spring due to the pandemic.

Families eligible for free or reduced-price school meals at schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program may get up to $279 per eligible child in benefits to buy food.

Families who received SNAP in March, April, and May of this year may have had P-EBT benefits automatically added to their existing EBT card this July. If the family did not automatically receive P-EBT for all or some students in the household, the family should apply for P-EBT online for the students that did not automatically receive the benefit.

Families who were not receiving SNAP during these months and have children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, or who attend a school where all children eat breakfast and lunch for free, or who were on SNAP but did not receive the automatic issuance, can apply for P-EBT at The deadline to apply is September 23rd, 2020.

The application is easy. Apply today and you should receive your benefits within 12-24 days. You will be required to provide:

● Your name, date of birth, mailing address where your card can be sent and a phone number in case the state needs to follow up on your application afterwards

● Your household size and income for the months of March, April, and May 2020 may be necessary

● The student’s name, date of birth, school district, school name, and State Issued ID Number (sometimes referred to as a SASID)*

*If you did not receive a communication from your child’s school with their State Issued ID Number, you can find that number on some student/parent portals or request it by contacting your school’s front office or district’s P-EBT contact .

P-EBT is for all families with eligible students, regardless of immigration status. P-EBT is not part of the public charge rule. Household information that is used to determine eligibility for P-EBT is confidential and protected under both federal and state data privacy practices.

For more information and to apply, visit


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