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JCISD Whole Child- April 20th

Concerned About Reconnecting with Your Students?

The JCSID Whole Child Team has developed learning snapshots to better assist educators in the transition to distance learning.

One of the presentations that is available to you on demand is tips and tricks on how to reconnect with your students after school closures. View this resource and all the additional resources on our Whole Child Website

Technology for Distance Learning

Jackson County ISDs Ed Tech Team is hosting live webinars to assist educators during this time of distance learning.

If you can not make the live webinar sessions, they will be recorded for viewing on a later date. EdTech Consultants will also be available through email and scheduled virtual meetings. REGISTER HERE.

Jackson County COVID-19 Response Grant Opportunity

Please click on the following link to complete the COVID-19 Response Fund application:

Eligibility: ​ Nonprofit organizations and other community groups working to address the

needs of those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Jackson County, Michigan.

Grant Uses:​ To cover expenses related to meeting the Human Services Needs of Jackson

County residents ​OR​ the Operating Expenses of nonprofit organizations/ community groups

in Jackson County, Michigan.

Examples of Human Services Needs: ​ Child Care/Education, Food Security, Mental Health

Resources, Housing, Health Services, and/or Technology. As long as funds are available,

you may reapply for Human Service Needs grants as the needs arise.

*Basic Needs Items: If you need diapers, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc., please contact

Colleen Sullivan at ​​ or (503) 680-0584. Smaller requests may be

able to be filled immediately while larger requests will be determined by the grant

committee. Please note, safety training may be required for redistribution of items.

COVID-19 Dental Directory

A Dental Directory that the Oral Health Program has developed with the list of safety net dental providers that are open for dental emergencies. Many private practices have closed and we have not been able to get that information. I hope this is of some help to you and your resources. We will try to keep this updated weekly. It will also posted to the oral health webpage:
Big picture
Big picture

Food Distribution Sites

Our schools and community have come together to ensure that all of our students are fed during this time of crisis. Click here for a list of school district food distribution sites.

Michigan Department of Education also released a map showing food sites across the state.

View it here.

What Is COVID-19? And How Does It Relate to Child Development?

This infographic explains the basics of what COVID-19 is, and what it can mean for stress levels in both children and the adults who care for them. It also offers some easy and concrete solutions to help caregivers ensure that both they and the children they care for don’t experience long-term effects of stress. Finally, it explains how all of us as a society can work to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our fellow community members, both now and in the future.

View the Entire Infographic Here

Move More Together

Let’s grab the people around us to be part of a community that is moving through the tough times together.

View Free Workouts Here

Resources for Distance Learning

The Edge Foundation has announced that its life coaches are available on a sliding scale — including free — to work with students virtually on non-academic challenges, including individuals who struggle with executive function challenges.

OpusYou is delivering a series of live, online music performances, along with free access to its online media library to enable K-12 music teachers and students to continue their musical experiences from home.

PandaTree, a foreign language learning platform for learners two to 17, has launched a free daily StoryTime in Spanish and Chinese that any child can participate in.

Pilot Light, a food education center, has created a free family resource page to provide lessons in English and Spanish for parents to do with their students, related to food, cooking and nutrition. New lessons are being added each week and include videos, discussion questions and activities related to the given recipe. So far, recipes have included scones, smoothies, tomato sauce and hummus, among others.

Academic Resources

Independent Study Packets, Printable Workbooks, Guided Lessons and Online Exercises

The site features over 500 graphical math activities. Animated characters guide students through math lessons, and hints and graphical explanations help them along when they need it.

The software guides students in grades K-3 through skill assessments, reading and listening to narrated passages and follow-up quizzes. Teachers can view student reports, track learning progress and assign additional skills and reading levels.

Social Emotional Learning

EduMotion is offering movement resources. Weekly SEL Journeys Learn@Home lessons, geared to K-5 students, explore SEL themes and guide students on a "global dance journey." The lessons are designed for students to experience on their own, or they can invite family members to learn and move along with them. Each participating school will get a unique login code, which can be shared with students and families.

Boston Children's Hospital has produced free professional development for educators on social-emotional learning and behavioral health in schools. Each course is self-paced and includes tools and strategies to be used in the classroom and overall school environment (because face-to-face school will be back in session at some point).

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