Cathy Steckelberg

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Art Teacher

Cathy Steckelberg is an experienced teacher of art based in the Denver, Colorado area. She loves helping both young children and adults develop their artistic abilities through her teaching. Steckelberg has worked in a number of venues such as public and private schools, art studios and within the community at large. Steckelberg has been a part of the art teacher association for over 12 years.

Cathy Steckelberg, Experience and Art

Cathy Steckelberg is a dynamic individual who has an unending passion for art. She teaches art at a number of levels to a number of audiences and has a lot of experience in sharing art and artistic notions with the community. At the root of this passion is her closely held belief in the important of such values such as family, church and community. She has built a career in teaching art in the Denver, Colorado area. She is known for her passion and expression in helping develop the artistic skills in individuals that are both young and old. Cathy Steckelberg's other great passion is walking her dogs and swimming.

Cathy Steckelberg has been teaching art to all ages and demographics in many venues and parts of the state. She has an artistic passion that she loves to share with her community through her students and fans. Cathy Steckelberg feels that art is starting to be removed from the school system curriculums within the state and finds that to be unfortunate.

Steckelberg believes that art is a very important aspect of a child's development and campaigns to support the arts in all its forms in a number of ways, but mainly by sharing her enthusiasm. She uses her years of experience as an art teacher to share that passion. During that experience, she has helped boost young artists time and time again. Several very gifted artists have come through her teaching career and she has relished in being a part of their development.

Cathy Steckelberg, Values

Cathy Steckelberg is a Denver Colorado teacher in the subject of art. She teaches art to many people in the community of all ages in a variety of venues. At the core of her teaching, Steckelberg has a number of values that help drive her passion. Obviously, she has a deeply held reverence for art, and loves sharing its value and benefits with the community. She feels that this is an expression that deserves to be at the core of teaching curriculums in general as well as an optional interest for the public to enjoy. She feels that art is a fundamental human outlet, and people need to share that and learn about it, hopefully inspiring people to produce it themselves. Steckelberg also has other primary values that help drive her passion for art. She is a big supporter of family, church and community. Steckelberg values families and the passage of generational inspirations, values and experiences. She feels that the family structure is a valuable part of the community and always shares and contributes to family-focused events and causes. Steckelberg is also very close to church values. She feels that religious values are tremendously important to people and can help them guide their lives and choices. She knows that religion has also inspired some tremendous works of art, speaking to the central core of being for many artists for generations past and present. She also loves teaching in the community, sharing art and her life experience through the relationships she builds with her students. Some of her favorite past times include taking long walks with her dogs and swimming.