Pure Plug-in

The air cleaner

Funded By:

This project was funded by my rich grandparents Bobby&Jane

My invention is a disinfectant plug-in and/ or air filter that will help kill viruses, mold and bacteria. Either unit can be used in a house hold, nursing homes, day cares, hospitals, schools, business, building, ect.This is a cheap product. You have to change a filter every month. There is a scented filter that you can put in it to make it the room or place smell better. This plugs into the wall. It cleans the air, so germs don't spread. If someone in your class has the flu (or other contagious viruses), then others won't get it as bad. If you have the thing that plugs in the wall, it will kill the germ so it dosn't spread as much. This will help people around the world, Say that the mother in a family got the streph throat ( or another viruses) at work, then she comes home and now everyone else in the family can get it. My invention will help prevent the spread of viruses