ElA 6th Grade

What I have Learned this Year by Christian Dunn

Chapter 1 Sentence and Sentence Fragment

A sentence is a word group that contains a subject and a verb and that expresses a complete thought.

A sentence fragment is not a complete sentence

A subject tells whom or what the sentence is about.

a predicate of a sentence tells something

Ex. 1 The little balls of fur were Queenie's new puppys ( Sentence )

Ex.2 bred these dogs in china ( Sentence Fragment )

The Simple Subject is the main word or word group that tells whom or what the sentence is about

Ex. 1 Several tents were set up in the park ( Several tents ) ( Tents )

Ex. 2 Have you heard the new song by Cara Marie ( New Song ) ( Song )

Chapter 2 Substituting Proper Nouns for Common Nouns

An noun is a word or word group that is used to name a person, place, or thing

Ex.1 Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts. ( Clara Barton, Person ) ( Massachusetts place )

Ex.2 She began her career as a teacher. ( Teacher )

Chapter 3 Interjections

Interjection - is a word that expresses emotion

Ex 1. Hey! What out for that book!

Ex.2 Wow! I almost sat on the cat.

Chapter 4 Prepositional phrase

Preposition phrase- includes a preposition, the object of the preposition, and any modifiers of that object

Ex.1 It once lived in Europe and Africa ( In Europe and Africa PF ) ( Europe and Africa O)

Ex.2 Dinosaurs with sharp teeth ate flesh. ( With sharp teeth PF) ( flesh O )

Chapter 5 Direct objects

Direct Object- is a noun pronoun, or word group that tells who or what receives the action of the verb.

Ex.1 Sometimes the playful colt bit agba"s fingers off ( colt and fingers)

Ex.2 Do you enjoy books and movies about horses. ( books. movies)

Chapter 6 Choosing the Verb

The number of the subject is not changed by a phrase following the subject

Ex.1 The kitten ................ on the ball ( pounces )

Ex.2 Firefighters.............. their lives to save others ( risk )

Chapter 7 Forming Principle parts of regular verbs

A regular verb- forms its past and past participle by adding -d or-ed to the base.

Ex. 1 Skate ( skating, skated , has skated

Ex. 2 Hope ( is hoping, hoped,have hoped

Chapter 8

Subject- tells whom or what the sentence is about .

Ex.1 they ( subject form )

Ex.2 it ( possessive form )