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Upcoming Events

November 6-10: Book Fair!

November 6-10: Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Tuesday, November 7: "We Are Family" District Parent Involvement Event at University High School, 6:00-7:00 pm

Friday, November 10: Baylor Basketball Game Field Trip for Grades 3-5

Wednesday, November 15: Due Date for Pack of Hope Drive & November Reading Challenge

Thursday, November 16: Thanksgiving Lunch

Friday, November 17: House Party Celebrations & Early Release

November 20-24: Thanksgiving Holiday~No School

November 28-29: Dental Clinic

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Pack of Hope Drive

What has over 450 good things and Alta Vista's name on it? Our first delivery to Packs of Hope from our donation drive! We will continue collecting items until Wednesday, November 15. Thank you for your help in meeting our student's hunger needs each weekend by donating to Packs of Hope.

Monthly Book Challenge

Complete the turkey feather by writing about a book that you are thankful for. Decorate the feather and turn it in to Ms. Abel by Wednesday, November 15. You can pick up a copy of the turkey feather in the office if you lost your first one. Each student that completes our November reading challenge by the due date will receive a FREE book (while supplies last)!

Check out Mrs. Helton's video for more details!

Parent Involvement Opportunities

We would love to have your help at Thanksgiving lunch (November 16) by serving food to our families. If you are interested in volunteering for 30 minutes (or more), please call Mrs. Helton at 662-3050.

We hope you will join us for "We are Family" District Family Literacy Night on Tuesday, November 7 at University High School from 6:00-7:00 pm. We will have lots of great strategies for supporting your students at home with reading!

Mayborn Family Memberships

Did you know that you can receive a discounted family membership to the Mayborn Museum for only $10 if you have an EBT card? The family membership is good for admission for your family (up to 2 adults and children) as often as you like for one year! You can also get a reduced admission rate of just $1 each for up to 2 adults and the children in the household if you have an EBT card. To learn more, visit the front desk of the Mayborn Museum or call 254-710-1110.
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Conscious Discipline Tips

Feelings can often be overwhelming to everyone, especially elementary age children. Here's some tips to help you manage your child's feelings during times of upset.

Step 1: I am.

Acknowledge the upset. Say, "I see you're upset. Something must have happened."

Step 2: I calm.

Encourage your child to take calming breathes. Try a S.T.A.R. - Stop, Take a deep breathe And Relax.

Step 3: I am.

Identify specific feeling by name; for example, angry, sad or scared. Help your child say, "I feel angry ... (sad, scared)." Remind children it's okay to have these feelings and that they can handle these feeling because feelings are just are part of us. If your child feels scared, remind them that they are safe. If your child feels sad, remind them that they are loved. If your child feels angry, remind them that they are both safe and loved.

Step 4: I chose.

Engage your child in an activity of choice; for example, read to them or go outside and play catch. This gives your child a chance to self regulate and to get their brain back in an excutive state where they can problem solve.

Step 5: I solve.

Work with your child to figure out what caused the upset. Work together to make a plan on how to solve the problem.

Follow these steps and you and your child will be on the way to successful self regulation. Want to know more? Check out the Parent section the the Conscious Discipline website here:

Math Chat

Watch our monthly math chat video to learn different ways to chat about math at home and build math skills.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Join the Alta Vista Family for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch celebration on Thursday, November 16. Here is the lunch schedule:


Thursday, November 16, 2017

10:10-10:40 PK-Scott

10:13-10:43 PK-Terrell

10:15-10:45 PK-Picazo

10:45-11:15 K-Williams

10:47-11:17 K-Alvarado

10:50-11:20 K-Bearden

10:53-11:23 K-Martinez

11:15-11:45 3rd-Ballard

11:17-11:47 3rd-Long

11:20-11:50 3rd-Foreman

11:23-11:53 3rd-Hampton

11:45-12:15 1st-Somers

11:47-12:17 1st-Snell

11:50-12:20 1st-Breeding

11:53-12:23 1st-Greer

12:15-12:45 2nd-Haskett

12:17-12:47 2nd-Barnard

12:20-12:50 2nd-Noel

12:23-12:53 2nd-Helms

12:45-1:15 5th-Spark

12:47-1:17 5th-Gillaspy

12:50-1:20 5th-Drake

12:53-1:23 4th-Sharp

12:55-1:25 4th-Rawles

12:57-1:27 4th-Martinez

1:00-1:30 4th-Mattoon

Character Connection

November's character trait is responsibility, which is defined as "taking ownership of what you say, what you do and what is expected of you". Students will be taking a closer look at Alta Vista's school motto and identifying four areas where they can demonstrate responsibility: 1. self care / home , 2. school , 3. community and 4. the world. Encourage your child to develop the skill of being responsible by giving them age appropriate self care steps; for example, brushing their teeth and chores; for example, picking up their toys. Encourage them to be responsible at school by being safe and ready to learn. Encourage them to be responsible in the community by donating to local agencies like Packs of Hope or picking up trash in the park. Encourage them to take care of our world by recycling. By doing these things, you can help your child learn responsibility.

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October Happenings By Kimberly (4th Grade)

Welcome to Alta Vista Elementary. I'm going to tell you what happened in October. We had our house parties and the teams were Texas Tech, Baylor Bears, Longhorn, and Tarleton. My team was Tarleton. We even had a concert at Baylor and we listened to a lot of animal songs. We even listened to Jurassic Park and someone dressed up as a dinosaur. And, we had a Mayborn Nigh by going to the Mayborn for free with our families. We even had a Tamale Contest and the winner was Amor.

Red Ribbon Week by Amor (4th Grade)

Welcome to Alta Vista Elementary. I a glad to tell you about all the wonderful things that we had in October. A couple of weeks ago we had Red Ribbon week to be drug free. On Monday we got to wear our red school shirts. Tuesday we got to wear our hats; it could be silly or could be what you like. Also on Wednesday you could wear tie dye or tie or just be silly and wear both! On Friday everyone's favorite day for Red Ribbon Week, you could wear your favorite loudest craziest rock band shirt. Also for Halloween we got to say "boo to bullies" and be super heroes. Everyone could come to school and be superman, Wonder Woman, or who ever! We did super heroes because everyone has some kind of power in them whether it is being nice to someone all the time and stopping bullying. So that is some of the things we did in the month of October. "Hope you come visit us some time."

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