Loco News Update On Bullying

By Sergio

The Types of Bullying and What kids Will Tell if They Get Bullyed

What bullying does

Kids are staying home from school because of bullying and that is a big problem because let’s say your kid has a test that day he/she stays home they can flunk the test.

Some kids who are being actually kill themselves, 4,400 kids have committed suicide because of how bad bullying is getting.


Cyber bullying can have the

Same effects on children as regular bullying

But it mostly happens to teens because they are on Face book, Twitte , and Instagram. But children and teens won’t tell anybody and if they do they will usually tell you after the cyber bullying is done or they find out who it is but if they come to you sooner than the cyber bullying got really bad.

Physical bullying

If a kid is getting physical bulled then they will try to hide it they will put makeup over a black eye if they have one, if you find a random burse they will say they fell at school and if they get a cut they will say they fell on the

Bus, the playground, or on the way home;

Relational aggression

Relational aggression: a type of bullying because it has to do with deliberately manipulating somebody’s social life