Anti Jewish Laws

The Suppression of the Jewish Race legally


In early Christianity, Jews were realized as Christ Killers and Murderers of God.

This “crime” that was presumed by the Christian Race was so horrific that people of other race’s believed the Jewish were capable of everything under the category of evil.

The Jewish Race was despised so much that it earned it’s title as Christian’s most vicious enemy, next to only the Satan himself.

At one point, the Christians wanted to take revenge for the sin that was acted upon by the Jews.

Adolf Hitler created a political party known as the Nazi Party.

In order to make the Jews pay for what they did, Hitler created Anti-Jewish laws to suppress and hope to annihilate the Jewish Race.

Hitler's ideas were never new, they were built up on previous anti-semitic ideas that were pre-existent throughout his childhood and up bring surrounding.

Some of the Laws

Some of the Laws

  • Any of who is a Jew, may not become doctors, lawyers, or teachers

  • Any of who is a Jew, are not permitted to sell food to Christians or hire them

  • Any of who is a Jew, may not receive medical attention from a Christian.

  • Any of who is a Jew, may not live in the household as a Christian

  • All Jews must wear specific articles of clothing to be recognized.

Some of the Effects of the Laws

Jews were expelled from country to country including countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany too.

In countries they were not expelled in, they were forced to live in limited areas called the ghettos.

After hearing from the Laws being passed in hatred of the Jews, many surrounding countries started to develop the same hatred.

When Jews would move to another countries, those countries would often beat and kill them.

In countries like Ukraine and Romania, over 50,000 Jews were killed or separated from their homes in the ghettos.

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