People in Science

by Nick Bryant

John Bohmer

-He invented an oven that used sunlight to cook food.

-painted to cardboard boxes black and put black foll in the middle

-It only took 5 dollars to make

-He used cardboard,foil,and sunlight to make this oven

Dijanna Figueroa

-She wanted to be a marine biologist

-she spends 12 hours a day in a the lab

-studies the metabolisms of creatures that live in extreme environments

-head of M.U.S.E and steam

-education specialist

-has a background of science and engineering

Mitchell pryor

-went to college to learn about robots

-tested ways on how to challenge different robots

-He received his PH.B from UT.

-Has many science fiction fans

Agnes Riley

-fixes computers

-from budapest,hungary

-she learned how to fix computers from trial and error

-she moved to New York

-In 1999 she became a licensed computer programmer