Martell Monitor

Volume 5: Issue 24 February 23, 2023

March is Reading Month Special Monitor Edition!

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February 27-March 23 - March is Reading Month!!

Please look for the Martell Monitor on 2-24-23 for all the great things that will happen!!

Friday, March 3 - TEACHER WORKDAY

No School K-5

Monday, March 6 - PTO meeting

6:30pm Media Center

Wednesday, March 8 - Late Start

10:04 am school begins

Tuesday, March 14 - 5th Grade Camp Parent Meeting

6:30pm Martell Media

Thursday, March 16 - HALF DAY Conferences per teacher request

12:29pm dismissal

Afternoon and evening conferences by teacher request

Monday, March 20 - Family BINGO Night at Martell!

6:30pm-7:30pm, flyer coming this week1

Friday, March 24 to Sunday, April 2 - SPRING BREAK

No School

School resumes Monday, April 3

March is Reading Month!

We are sure that you will agree that reading is important EVERY month!

Since March is National Reading Month in our school, our communities and especially in our homes, Martell Elementary will be giving special emphasis to activities that promote reading as a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our theme for this March is: Wild About Books

March is Reading Month is meant to promote literacy and a love for reading. In an era where students are growing up in front of screens, it’s important that students feel as connected to books as they do to digital media. Students need access to impactful and immersive stories that ensure their love for reading is not lost over time. Lifelong reading fosters critical thinking and analytical skills that students need to navigate the world – both inside and outside the classroom.

This year, especially, we are focusing students in on reading for VOLUME. Reading to sustain attention and immersion into books. Volume reading is crucial to transforming striving readers into thriving readers! Volumes of pleasurable reading is the key to literacy development.

Consider ways to build volume such as reading old favorites and series books. I bet your favorite childhood books can be named and just perhaps are a series book or classic!

Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day! - March 2

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Please bring a copy of this book of you have one on March 2!

All School Read Aloud - A Martell Tradition

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Reading Month Family Letter

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Reading Month At-Home Family Calendar

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Reading Month Spirit Week!

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Reading Month Book Review Grades K-2

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Reading Month Book Review Grades 3-5

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February Adjusted Lunch Menu

Monday, February 27


-Muffin Fun Lunch

-Caesar Salad

Tuesday, February 28

-Chicken Drumsticks w/ corn and peas

-Pancakes and yogurt

-Taco Salad

March Lunch Menu

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Prepare for Outdoor Recess Daily!

We have 3 recess times each day, and it's getting colder outside!

Please send your child with the appropriate gear, labeled each day!

Coats, snowpants, hats, gloves and boots.

Please practice independence with winter gear dressing/undressing if your child needs it.

Thank you!

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Attendance Line - Help Needed!

248-823-3801 Please report absences by 9:30am

Please make sure to call the attendance line by 9:30am each day of your child's absence for it to be excused.

We must call all absent families and do a well check per policy. If we are unable to speak with you regarding the absence, it is considered unexcused.

Please help communicate absences to us. Above all, we want your students in class, on time, each day!

We are grateful to partner with you on their schooling journey!

April 13 - Third Grade Music Performance

We have an exciting performance featuring our 3rd Grade Musicians this year!

Please see attached flyer for more information.

Our performance will be on Thursday, April 13, 2023 at Martell Elementary School

It will begin at 6:00pm and students should arrive at 5:45pm.

Students will wear their 3rd Grade class t-shirt.

This is a free event, so please save the date and invite friends, family, and neighbors to our performance!

Please contact Mrs. McKeever or Mrs. Downer for any further information.

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May 19th Troy Fitness Run for Grade 5

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Martell PTO and Staff Gilly's Ice-Cream Night!

Thank you for the support! Martell PTO profited $350.00!


Thank you to all who came out! A great night was had by all!

Martell Links Program!

LINKS is a peer to peer support program that increases opportunities for students with disabilities/autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to access general education settings and curriculum. Peers model typical academic and social behavior in educational environments throughout the school day and provide support for students to promote independence and socialization. Peer to peer support programs and inclusion of students with disabilities not only affects outcomes for the students with a disability, but can also benefit peers.

It is a “win-win” opportunity for all!!

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Grades 3-5 Maker Space TFEE Grant Project Success

Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence Grant is awarded to Martell

We are extremely proud of Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Scott for applying, receiving and implementing this project for grades 3-5.

This was based off the book, 'What do Words Mean?' Each student in grades 3-5 chose a word or phrase that was inspiring to others, and created in Cricut design studio. They printed and weeded it from the vinyl. We then had an incredible parent volunteer team that came in and helped iron them on to shirts.

Student Council presented an incredible assembly about the project and honored their teachers and the project.

The assembly ended with a parade in the halls to show off our shirts. This project was student led and produced with voice and choice.

We are so proud of our teachers and students!


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Cell Phones/Smart Watches TSD Code of Conduct

There are students that received new technology and watches during the holiday season.

We need your help with the following TSD policy regarding technology in school. Thank you!

Please leave CELL PHONES at home. It is against the Code of Conduct. We cannot take any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen phones.

Please make sure all SMART WATCHES are silenced if your student has a watch. These are not to be used to text or make calls on during the school day.

PLEASE CALL the front office if you need to get a message to your child.

We appreciate your help with this.

Per the TSD Code of Conduct

Visible or audible detection of any electronic, communication listening device is prohibited during the school day by TSD policy. If confiscated, devices must be picked up in the office.

The use of any and all devices must be for school purposes.


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Please follow!

We have upgraded the security and created a yearly page for easy access.

Martell Elementary:

Martell PTO:

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SCHOOL HOURS 8:39am-3:37pm

Martell Arrival/Dismissal Times

8:25am - Students wait in their assigned classroom waiting line.

8:34am - First Bell - Warning Bell

8:39am - Second Bell - School Start Bell

3:37pm - Dismissal is completed

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~If your child's pick up will be different than normal, please ALWAYS send a note to your child’s teacher.

~Please do NOT rely on email to a teacher. Teachers are teaching during the day, and sometimes cannot get back to their computer if it's a late message! We do not want to miss a dismissal message.

~We will not vary your child’s end of the day routine unless we have a note from you.

~Should you have an emergency and need to change his/her schedule, please call the office before 2:30pm


TSD World Class Characteristics

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Martell Important Numbers

Office Staff

Principal: Michelle Barsh

Secretary to the Principal: Jill Gentner

Secretary for Records and Attendance: Julie Richman

Staff emails: First initial, full last name

Martell Office Main Line


Martell Attendance Line


Martell Office Hours


Martell Elementary School

“Martell strives to create a community of life-long learners, leaders, and risk-takers.”
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