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EUPISD Monthly Math Instruction Digest

This Month's Focus: Formative Assessment in a Virtual Classroom

As teachers, we rely heavily on formative assessment to check for understanding in the classroom. One of the most widely used and easiest to do is observation. However, in a virtual setting observation is challenging due to students not having cameras on, unable to see student work, and limited meeting times. So what do we do?!

Fortunately, there are many digital tools at our fingertips. Below are descriptions on how to use some digital tools that are readily available to our region and easy to use. In order to not overwhelm yourself but still keep routines and variety for your students, select two to three tools that work well for your online teaching style.

COVID Response Resources for Math Instruction

Below is a list of resources to assist teachers with planning around the impact the COVID pandemic has had on our students


High School

Math Recovery / AVMR Resources

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Answers to Riddles

Riddle #1 Answer: Nick has 9 ornaments in total: 3 blue, 3 green, and 3 red

Riddle #2 Answer: When Buddy is 100, Hermey will be 97

Riddle #3 Answer: Hot Cocoa costs $1.40 and a cookie costs $0.40

Riddle #4 Answer: Dasher spent $120, Prancer spent $240, and Cupid spent $360

Riddle #5 Answer: There are 14 total squares (15 if you count the square at the center of the bow on the wreath!)

Link to web sourse: https://www.mashupmath.com/blog/christmas-maths-activities-riddles

Editor: Julie Bazinau

If you would like support with any of the items mentioned in this month's letter or assistance with a current situation you have with math instruction please call or email me. I am happy to set up a Zoom meeting with you.

Happy Holidays!