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By Garrett DiMarco

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Run The Lights

When: Saturday, December 7th 2013 at 5:30pm

Where: Texas Motor Speedway
3545 Lone Star Circle, Fort Worth, Texas

What: Start your Christmas Season with what is sure to be your families newest holiday tradition, Run The Lights 3k run/walk at Texas Motor Speedway! Run The Lights is a family run/walk through the Gift of Lights, one of North Texas premier Christmas light displays. You'll smile, giggle and glow as you pass through more than 2 million LED lights before sledding on over 100 tons of snow in the Gift of Lights snow village!

Snow?! Yes, there is snow in North Texas! Your run entry get's you access to the Gift of Snow at TMS where there will be sledding, snow balls and possibly even Santa!

Cost:$25 for admission and pay an additional $10 to get a long sleeve "Run The Lights" shirt (all runners will get a glow stick so they can add their own festive illumination to the light displays as they run)

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Book Review

Call it Courage

The book Call It Courage is in the Fiction book Genre and is written by Armstrong Sperry. This book would be great to some people and horrible for others because it is very unrealistic in some aspects and a little bit realer in another. On a scale of 1-10 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, I would rate this book a 8 in my opinion because I like some Fiction books.

- Garrett DiMarco -


Christmas taking over other Holidays

Christmas decorations and foods are out on the selfs of some of the major supermarkets like Walmart. Christmas isn't for three weeks and they were up on the selfs of supermarkets before Halloween. And that isn't necessary to put out christmas stuff before halloween that two holidays before it so is so not necessary.

- Garrett DiMarco -

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Holiday Events Bulletin

  • Hanukkah Begin - November 28, 2013
  • The Colony's Tree lighting/Parade -
  • Run the Lights - December 7, 2013
  • First Day of Winter - December 21, 2013
  • Christmas Eve - 12-24-2013
  • Christmas Day -12-25-2013
  • Kwanza Begins -12-26-2013