Purple Loosestrife

Where is the specie originally from? Where else in the world is it found? Where doe your specie do to the NC environment?

Purple Loosestrife is a wetland plant from Europe and Asia. It's originally from the east coast of North America in the 1800s. You can find purple loosestrife in Minnesota, it spreads along roads, canals, and drainage ditches. This plant has been found in the northwestern mountains in North Carolina. This plant is a threat to the state and is defined as a "Class B Noxious Weed." Any noxious weed is a threat to the state.

Is there a natural way to fight against the specie? Or do we use chemicals to prevent the spread? Or is there nothing we can do?

Purple loosestrife can easily spread if improper control methods used. The best time to control this specie is during the summer, late June, July, and August. In order to prevent the spreading you can either cut it or pulled out. Pulling purple loosestrife by hand is the easiest when plants are just beginning to grow.