Newsletter Week 10 Term 2

Titahi Bay Intermediate School 4th July 2022

Principal's Korero

We are near the end of Term 2 with both students and staff looking forward to some time to energize those batteries ready for Term 3.

Our students are engaging in good high-quality learning programmes across all areas of the curriculum. Our teaching team are working hard to cater for the needs of our students and working hard to fill in the gaps for those students who have been absent due to illness. I would like to thank our team for their commitment and passion to develop engaging programmes to support the progress of our students.

There are a few factors that support the continued learning progress of our students:

  • A committed teaching team
  • Whānau support
  • Regular attendance
  • Student engagement and self-motivation and commitment to their own learning
  • A school culture of expecting the best from everyone

Mid-Year Reports

The teaching team have been working hard to complete students' mid-year reports, which will be available next term where you can come in and share your child's progress report in person or online. We will be using the same company that we use for our Website, SchoolApp and Newsletter platform to trial their School Interview booking system. When this is ready we will send out the links so that everyone can make a booking to see your child's teacher. It is important that your child attends the meeting with you so they can share their learning journey with you.

This is also a timely reminder to ensure that if you have changed your address to please let the office know.


Attendance monitoring has been a challenge this term as we are trying to balance encouraging regular attendance as well as understanding that whānau are doing the right thing by keeping students home when they have symptoms. I would like to thank parents/caregivers for providing explanations for your child's absence. We have had a few concerns with explanations of absences from school which are not due to illness. I thought I would explain the requirements that schools must follow.

The Education Act 1989 states that all children up to the age of 16 must be enrolled and attend a school with sickness being the main reason for absence. The Ministry of Education have set codes that we must use to record attendance or non-attendance at school so I thought I would share the main ones with you:

  • P - Present
  • U - Explained but unjustified (An explanation has been provided but not deemed a justified reason for being absent from school)
  • T - Truant (We have received no explanation for absence)
  • J - Justified - (Explanation provided which is considered a justified absence)
  • M - Medical - (Medical certificate received or away due to illness)

We are all hoping that with the 2 weeks break for holidays everyone can rest up and build up their immunity ready to engage in learning in Term 3.

Social Media

Our expectation at Titahi Bay Intermediate is that all students who bring a phone to school must hand it into the office on arrival at school and can collect it at the end of the day. This is for a number of reasons:

  • Phones are stored safely and will not be damaged
  • Social media occupies and can consume their time
  • Students can focus on being a kid and socialising in person with their peers
  • Focus on learning and not distracted by online content
  • Photos cannot be taken of other students and posted online without the consent of parents/caregivers

We would like your continued support by reminding your child to hand their phone into the office.

We have also had some concerning behaviours where a few of our students are copying the actions of others on the tik tok platform which has resulted in making their peers feel unsafe. Please ensure that you are monitoring what your child is engaging in on their device as they are easily influenced by the actions of others who record and post their behaviours for entertainment and shock purposes.


Over the past few weeks, we have seen for the first time in a while, our own students vandalising our school property. Students think it is O.K to write and/or engrave their names on furniture in the classrooms as well as on our playgrounds. All of these things cost the school money and we must look after them so that future generations can continue to have a good learning environment. I would like to thank the parents who have been supportive and worked alongside our management team to ensure this type of behaviour does not continue.

Building Work

Our building work is moving along with it looking like the scaffolding and wrap will be coming down during week 1 of the holidays. The building work will continue as they continue to re-pitch the roof and carry out remedial work on the administration block.

School Uniform

As the days have become colder, non-school uniform items have begun to creep in. Please remind your child that Titahi Bay Intermediate is a uniform school and we are proud of who we are and what we represent. We do have a number of hoodies that have been left behind with no names on them, so if you need one for your child then please send them to the office. School shorts are available from NZ Uniforms so please go down in the holidays to purchase some new ones as we do not have any spares of this item.

For colder days, NZ Uniforms have plain black sweatpants that we have changed to due to not being able to match the blue of our uniform. These pants are modern pants that were chosen by our students when we changed uniform supplier. The plain navy blue sweatpants, with no labels or markings, are also still acceptable as they are able to be purchased from The Warehouse - so either navy blue or black sweatpants, please.


Our Teacher Aide Marcus Hewitt is leaving us to study full-time. A big thank you to Marcus for all the support he has given our students and teaching staff. We wish you all the best in the next chapter of your journey to becoming a teacher.

I hope that you all enjoy your two weeks with your whānau and keep safe and warm.

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Upcoming Events

  • Hangi - Thursday 7th July 2022 - 6.30 p.m.
  • Last Day of School - Friday 8th July 2022 - 3.00 p.m.
  • Term 3 begins - Monday 25th July 2022 - 8.50 a.m.

First Aid Workshops

Last week all of our students participated in a Students First Aid Course. It was great to see them engaging with this hands-on life skill that they can take with them through life. I would like to acknowledge St Johns for providing this opportunity for all of our students at no cost to the school. Room 1 (pictured) were the first class to receive their certificates.
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Hangi Fundraiser - Thursday 7th July 2022 - SOLD OUT

Our hangi tickets for Thursday 7th July 2022 with the collection time being 6.30 p.m. have sold fast, so thank you to all of those who have purchased a hangi. We will let you know when the next one will be done.

Hangi Prep Helpers

If you are free on Wednesday 6th July between 11.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. and you are keen to come along and help peel potatoes, kumara and cut pumpkin, then come along with your favourite peeler.

If you cannot make this time but are keen to help pack the hangi, then please come along on the same day at 5.00 p.m. More hands make light work and this is for our students and community.

We would like to thank Kapura for sponsoring the vegetables for the hangi.

T.B.I Comedy Night

A big THANKS to Greg Ellis and Allie Rutherford for organising another 'sell out' event for our annual Comedy Night. Those who managed to secure some tickets I am sure that you enjoyed the night and we would like to thank you for your continued support of this event.

We would also like to thank the Titahi Bay Cafe for allowing this event to be hosted in their space.

School Board Elections

Just a friendly reminder that if you are interested in being part of the School Board or want to know what it involves then please feel free to contact our Presiding Member - Greg Ellis through the following email:

More information will come out soon with dates etc.

Kids Online Research

Our school has been selected to participate in a research project for looking at how our students experience the online world. This research project is being under taken by Otago University and will be selecting a sample from our Year 8 cohorts. The researchers will be coming in this week to speak to their sample of students to see if they would like to participate with whānau agreeing to this as well. Here is a bit of information on the focus of their research so that if your child comes home asking questions, you have an idea of the background.

What is the aim of the Kids Online research?

Increasingly life is lived online; on devices such as iPhones, laptops and tablets. Yet little is known about the real-time online experiences of children. This research aims to explore children’s experiences of the online world, their interaction with it, and the impact on their wellbeing. It is one of the first in the world to capture children’s real-time online activity. It does so by using the in-built recording function of “Zoom”, a collaboration software. This study is led by researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington, and has been approved by the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee (Reference: 20/006).

Self Defence Course for Mums and Daughters

Where: Porirua Womens Centre, Level 3, Pember House, 3 Hagley Street

When: Wednesday 13th July 12 -2.30pm


Wednesday 20th July 12-2.30pm

Please note: Suitable for girls 8 years and above. No prior experience required.

Register your interest and which course you would like to attend at:

Research Assistance Request

Parent/caregiver’s experiences of managing children’s school refusal

Do you have trouble with your child attending school?

Kia ora,

My name is Alison Koeck, and I am a student studying in the Master of Educational Psychology programme at Te Herenga Waka- Victoria University of Wellington. I am conducting research on parent/caregiver’s experiences of student school refusal.

School refusal (school avoidance) is when children or teenagers become extremely upset and emotionally or physically distressed at the idea of going to school. They often miss some or all of the school day and this is a reoccurring issue. It is different from ‘wagging’ and truancy and is often related to worry or anxiety-related issues about going to school. While not uncommon, school refusal is a complex issue, that can begin gradually or happen suddenly and can affect the whole family/whānau.

I would like to interview you if you have a child or teenager (8-15 years of age):

  • who becomes extremely upset, distressed, anxious or even physically ill when faced with the idea of going to school;

  • has refused to go to school and has regularly missed attending school or had prolonged or reoccurring absences from school;

  • and you have tried to support or encourage them to attend or re-engage.

The information and findings from this research will help us to better understand:

  • What happens when students refuse to go to school

  • What strategies parents use to help with their children’s transition back to school

  • What strategies work and don’t work and why.

  • What support parents/caregivers receive or need to help them get their children back to school

The findings will be used in a final research report but may also be used to help improve resources for, education and training for parents, and professional development for teachers and educational psychologists who are supporting children/students and their families/whānau.

If you are interested in taking part in this study and being interviewed or have any questions, please contact:

Researcher Supervisor

Alison Koeck Dr Chris Bowden

Student Lecturer

School of Education School of Education

Victoria University of Wellington Victoria University of Wellington Phone: 04 463 5175

Human Ethics Committee Information

This project has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee [HEC approval number 30269]. If you have any concerns about the ethical conduct of the research you may contact the Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington HEC Convenor, Associate Professor Rhonda Shaw, by emailing

Room 5 - Earthquake Testing

Room 5 recently made structures to see if they would survive an earthquake test. They were all very successful!
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Our students have enjoyed learning all about Matariki over the last few weeks. Here is some of their cool Matariki artwork.

Student Council Report By Te Paea and Gianni - Room 2

Kia ora, Tālofa lava, This term the Student Council hasve created a quiet space for students to enjoy. This space is for students to do quiet activities during our lunch break. We have also been assigned new responsibilities including helping to supervise quiet time, monitoring the student P.E Cart and we continue to support students to follow our school expectations.

There have been multiple reminders to students not to wear mufti with their uniform. This is delaying our chance to be able to hold a mufti day. Please remind your child to wear the correct school uniform so we can hold a mufti day.

Lastly, our House Points are part of our rewards system and we accumulate them throughout the year. Here are the latest results:

Kowhai: 953,500

Totara: 1,223,112

Rimu: 1,260,800

Rata: 938,553

We are halfway through the year. We hope you all have a nice school break and we look forward to the second half of the school year.

By Te Paea and Gianni

School App and Website

Remember to download our App so that you can keep up to date with what is happening. This will be great for our sports teams. Ensure that you link into the sports team that your child is in so that information can be sent out to these teams.
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If your child loves doing cartwheels, handstands, trampolining, flips, or parkour moves, then they will thrive at Bigair Gym!

Bigair Gym classes are excellent for fun, focus and fitness! Children learn new skills and develop personal confidence and self-achievement! Strong focus is given to safety and technique, ranging from fundamentals to advanced skills. The structured classes follow a Bigair Badge Programme, which creates focused learning, and allows children to achieve and feel personal progression!

Bigair classes include GYMNASTICS, TRAMPOLINING, TUMBLING, FREE RUNNING (that’s parkour with flips) & CHEERLEADING! Inquire about Bigair BIRTHDAY PARTIES too!

GET IN QUICK FOR TERM 3 GYM CLASSES & BIGAIRS POPULAR HOLIDAY PROGRAMME! Bookings open Mon 27th June. Booking in is easy online at or contact your local Bigair Gym office today.

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