NEWSLETTER 23 July 2020

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Kia ora koutou

Welcome back everyone to Term 3 - the year is certainly flying by.

The term begins with settled classes.

Our Kauri Values of Kaitiakitanga, Akonga, Unity, Respect and Independence guide all classroom interactions.

School reports recognising student success and achievement along with progress will be forwarded on Monday, please check student bags for the same.

Home School Partnership meetings then take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. Timetables are currently being drawn up, please ensure you get to meet with your child's teacher. These are valuable interactions for both parent and teacher.

This term we focus on "Ngaa Marae, Ngaa Taonga" heading to Pariroa Pa Marae at the beginning of September for Whanau overnight noho stays.

Tikanga and local protocol (the way we do things) will be our focus over the term.

Interschool sport exchanges begin. We visit Highlands Intermediate and Manukorihi Intermediate, Francis Douglas and Devon Intermediate visit us.

Student behaviour here at school will dictate whether students are given the privilege to represent our school at these events. If students cannot be respectful of our school values and rules they will certainly not be in a travelling or on-site school team.

Exemplary behaviour is expected from students at all times, the Board of Trustees is totally supportive of this stance.

If the most talented sportsmen or sportswomen at this school cannot show respect for themselves or others here at school their talents will not be utilised in representing the school.

Please support the school by ensuring the message is clearly shared at home.

Today we include the findings from a recent review by the Education Review Office into our response to the COVID 19 context.

The school continues to grow in strength. Recent analysis of our "Positive Behaviour for Learning" data shows a massive reduction in behavioural incidents outside the classroom. Systems are in place and monitored to ensure a safe and orderly environment exists.

Ngā mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan

Acting Principal

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Education Review Office findings - Hawera Intermediate's Response to the COVID 19 context

  1. Can you tell us about your school’s experience and response to the COVID 19 context since early March?

Key points

  • The school is proud of the way in which the teachers and leaders responded to the challenge that COVID-19 presented.

  • The school had already embarked on significant change. The lockdown provided an opportunity for teachers to concentrate on new ways of teaching without the need to manage behaviour.

  1. How are you and your leadership team? Your people? / How are the board trustees? How is the board operating at this time?

Key points

  • Teachers worked tirelessly and enjoyed the opportunity to authentically collaborate as a team. Significant professional learning took place to prepare for online learning using a localised curriculum.

  • Parental anxiety was eased with timely, reassuring and informative communications, using a range of digital platforms.

  1. Please tell us about how you are supporting student wellbeing? How is it going?

Key points

  • The principal spoke with each class prior to lockdown to provide reassurance, a consistent message and a sense of wellbeing.

  • Upon the return to school, school expectations were retaught to support positive behaviour. A student survey provided an opportunity for children to communicate with their teachers about their wellbeing.

  • A group of vulnerable students continue to be closely monitored.

  1. Please tell us about how the school is supporting student learning. How is that going?

Key points

  • Teachers created online learning experiences based on a local curriculum. An engagement tracker confirmed that student engagement remained high through lockdown.

  • The Spotlight student portal was used to promote student agency and whānau enjoyed the improved and increased contact with their child’s teacher. As a result, whānau became more aware of how they could better support learning at home.

  • The majority of students had access to a connected device at home. The school equipped children with devices if required. However, a small group remained unconnected and were unable to engage in learning during lockdown.

  • Upon the return to school, learning and other routines were re-established quickly.

  1. What thoughts do you have about where this might take you as a school?

Key points

  • The school wants to further enhance student agency and the home-school partnership through the now established digital platforms.

  • The school wants to improve teacher capability with the New Zealand Curriculum.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Key points

  • The school participated in ERO’s Student and Teacher Well-Being and Learning from Home survey. Results showed high levels of satisfaction for wellbeing from teachers and students.

  • The school’s ongoing review means that the lessons learned during lockdown can continue to inform next steps.

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We have merged our two big in school focus areas, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Relationship Based Learning, into our new and exciting KAURI WAY!

High expectations (for ourselves and each other), caring and nurturing the learner (looking out for and after ourselves and others), having a well managed environment (being organised and having all we need to succeed), or using agentic language (speaking positively) will all be focus topics.

These will be taught through our KAURI values each day - Monday a Kaitiakitanga focus, Tuesday Akonga etc.

We are looking forward to seeing our students develop their understanding across both these platforms through our matrix for expected behaviour.

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This term we move from our local rivers to a focus on our local marae. Ngaa Marae, Ngaa Taonga - Our marae our treasure. Students will learn about what marae are, why they are where they are, what we do and do not do on a marae and so much more! They will work together toward an overnight marae stay and visit the Patea Museum and Library for learning sessions.We will be needing whanau support for this event so if you think you can help on the dates listed for your child's class please contact their teacher. There are processes to complete, including the required Police vetting. If you would like to join us and stay overnight please contact your class teacher so paperwork can be sorted. This is a great opportunity for our students to continue learning about our local history and celebrating the bi-cultural identity of New Zealand. Currently we are 'Tuning In' to our topic so you could expect your child to talk about having some wonderings and questions about the marae.
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Are you tired of milk bottle tops lying around and not sure what to do with them?

Help Hawera to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by bringing your 'clean' washed lids in a 'clean' breadbag to school.

A special wheelie bin is waiting at the school office!

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Principal of Hawera High School, Rachel Williams, and representatives will visit on Friday to speak to Year Eight students about transitioning to high school and what is on offer. This will happen in whanau groupings with a half an hour presentation. This begins the enrolment process, which continues with an information evening /tour on Monday 27th at the High School.
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