Miss Maudie

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Miss Maudie's Thoughts

Miss Maudie is a straight forward person able to tell you how it is. Clearly she has a unique opinion of the people of Maycomb. Starting with the children. Miss Maudie doesn't mind them at all, scout even says that they have free run of her yard as long as they don't mess with her azaleas. One can say her bond with scout is a little bit stronger being that scout had a lot of down time with miss Maudie. And in that time she was able to dismiss the tall tales of the Radleys most important, the ones about Arthur. Miss Maudie knows that most of those stories came from the neighborhood gossip (Miss Crawford). Miss Maudie expresses that Arthur was in fact not crazy growing up but that he was kind and a good kid but his father was a "foot washer" baptist. So conditions for the kid were harsh and that if he's wasn't crazy then he ought to be now. Atticus, Scouts father is someone she thinks is the same all the way around wether he is home or at work.

-Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character? To show a character that represents all around good person by balancing out the story through strong opinions

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