Enhancement glasses

By Andrew Thrasher


this is a blog part 2 for my product.

Entry 3

Hey its me again I'm here to tell you more about my progress so Microsoft sent me a Tech guy to help me program and we have finished the first half of the glasses and we have made a 1 half prototype which is just 1 half of the glasses and we have started determining price. They want it to be extremely expensive compared on how much it cost to make it see ya later bye.

Entry 4

This time we have started on the other half programming and now we have finished the prototype and it is on the market for 100 dollars each and on it is a flash light, a mirror, a laser dot, the changing glasses and more. So on the programming we have got about 3% done because it is taking forever and I sold 4% of the product to Nike and we are continuing to work bye.