Biotin Review

Biotin makes your hair strong

Guide To Biotin And Hair Growth

Biotin a common vitamin is rarely found in small quantities. Biotin is a popular B complex vitamin and also called vitamin H. Biotin metabolize fatty acids and amino acids and provide energy. Also the blood sugar levels are stabilized by the biotin. Therefore, biotin is suggested for diabetic patients.
It has been proved that biotin helps in hair growth after a lot of research work carried by experts. People suffering from brittle hair and hair loss are suggested to use biotin. If you suffer from brittle nail, biotin can possible help you get the good nails.

How does biotin work for your hair?
In reality hair is a fiber of protein whose cells have shed and also the nucleus is dead. Hair comprises of proteins and biotin thus produce hair.

It would not be wrong to say that biotin is food for hair. Following are the benefits of biotin for your hair:
1. Strength: Biotin makes your hair strong by strengthening hair follicles and hair shaft. Biotin once introduced to your daily routine promises stronger hair as there are fewer splits and breakage.
2. Growth Rate: Biotin also promotes fast growth of hair in addition to reducing hair growth. The strong hair follicles and shaft promotes rapid growth.

Weight loss is supported by biotin
Biotin is important for converting carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. This property of biotin makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight, this vitamin uses the fats and carbohydrates faster during workout. Biotin also alleviate fatigue as the metabolic system is well regulated. This support individuals to perform their daily work out sessions whole heartedly. This is not all biotin helps on building and maintaining the muscle fibers and great for those who wish to follow muscle building porgram.

Biotin and suppressed appetite
Without taking appetite into consideration, weight loss is not possible. Biotin suppresses the appetite and makes you feel fuller for long also it suppresses the sweet tooth. This provides your body complete nutrition.
Biotin promises glowing skin

Biotin aids in the production of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help give you that glowing skin and lustrous hair. There is no doubt that body natural oils result in moisturized skin.

Biotin supplement
Top biotin sources are bananas, red meat, mushrooms, soy, dairy products, nuts and eggs. As these supplements are not enough you need to take help of supplements. The Swiss chard is best source of Biotin.

for hair growth you can take biotin supplements. Take 30-100 micrograms supplement dose daily for best hair growth results. There are number of supplementary pills available in the market to choose from. You need to be very careful when buying these supplements. Check for the reviews and testimonials for the biotin supplements before you actually buy them.

Hair care products with biotin
There are many shampoo and hair products that boast of containing biotin, buy them for beautiful and healthy hair. Before you buy any biotin rich hair care product seek help from a hair specialist. Hair professionals take the hair condition and texture in mind before taking condition of the hair in mind.

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