Mesopotamia Travel Brochure

Visit the 5 empires

The Sumer Empire

Come visit the Sumer Empire. Here you can see seven different city-states. Since the Sumer Empire contained the world's first cities, you can find some great architecture and design. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through these cities, so there are some very scenic views. You can also find the original levees, which were once used to hold back water from the two rivers. So come visit the Sumer Empire. You will not regret it!

The Akkadian Empire

The Akkadian Empire took over the Sumer Empire. The Akkadian Empire was much larger, so there is more to see here. You can find the capital city of Akkad, which as either founded or restored by king Sargon the Great. You can see cuneiform tablets from the wealthy city of Mari. Another attraction is the artifacts. Steles, inscriptions, and bronze heads of kings can be found at various museums. So why not take a trip to see the Akkadian Empire? With so many things to see, you will never be bored.

The Babylonian Empire

The Babylonian Empire is in modern day Iraq. Here you can see many things, such as the top part of a pillar inscribed with Hammurabi´s Code. Hammurabi was once a king of the Babylonian Empire. You can also see the rebuilt ruins of Babylon, which are probably on top of the original ruins. The ruins of the gate that once served as an entrance to the city of Babylon and a 2,600 year old lion statue are must sees. So come to the Babylonian Empire today!

The Assyrian Empire

The great cities of the Assyrian Empire include Ashur, Nimrud, and Nineveh. Ashur was the capital of the original empire, and their main god. Come visit Assyria because the roads are built throughout the empire to enable armies, so you can travel quickly. The cities are strong and impressive. They have huge walls built to withstand a siege, many canals and aqueducts for water, and extravagant places for you to stay. The main armor used by Assyrian soldiers are a shield and helmet. Archers have a shield bearer who would cover them while they got off shots, so you will definitely be protected here. Come visit the Assyrian Empire today!

The Chaldea/ Neo- Babylonian Empire

The Neo- Babylonian Empire came after the Assyria Empire, after they took over the Babylonian Empire. You can see many artifacts from the Babylonian Empire here, such as the Ishtar Gate. The gate consists of glazed bricks and dragon statues, and it is one of the most important things from the Neo- Babylonian Empire. There are also many rebuilt temples and ziggurats to see. You can see where the Hanging Garden was, built by king Nebuchadnezzar. Finally, you can see the 56 mile long outer wall of Babylon. With so much to see in ancient Mesopotamia, how could you stay away? Come Today!