September News & Notes

Meadowview's Monthly Newsletter

PTO News

September is a busy month for the PTO. We hope to see you at these events!

Thursday, September 13 at 6:30pm in the LRC is our first PTO Meeting. Childcare will be provided by National Junior Honor Society students from Jefferson.

Friday, September 21 at 7pm is our Free Outdoor Movie Night. Come out and enjoy a movie, concessions, and the Meadowview community at our first official event of the year. Reserve a spot on the lawn by the Kindergarten blacktop at 7pm, but the movie will begin at 7:30pm. We will be announcing the movie soon.

Friday, September 28 at 1pm is our 2nd annual school-wide Walk-a-Thon. More information to follow!

And finally, we are taking orders for our beautiful mums now! Orders are due by Tuesday, September 11 and delivery is Wednesday, September 19. The mums come in yellow, purple, red, and orange and are $10 each.

Great Start!

We've had a great start to the school year! Thanks to everyone as we work out the kinks for dismissal! With everyone being dismissed at the same time, I appreciate your patience. While it may seem a long time, we are getting all students out of school and the parking lot cleared by 3:05pm! I appreciate how all the "walker" parents are waiting on the right hand side of the stairs (as you are looking at the stairs), while the busers walk on the other side to the buses.

The car pick up is going a lot faster, now with the teachers learning who the students and parents are. Thank you to everyone for having their child's name on their yellow cards. If you need another, or would like to include a first name, please ask, we have plenty of extra in the office!

Lunch is going well! Our kinders are learning how lunch goes and our older students are enjoying the smaller lunches! With less students, it is a lot quieter in the Fox Cafe! We are recycling, too! Our students are doing a great job of looking at what they have in their lunches and deciding what is recyclable and what is not and putting items in the correct place! We are working on sweeping under tables with our brooms and dustpans too! That is quite the popular activity! I appreciate how our students want to help and keep Meadowview looking good!

If you didn't make it to Curriculum Night, here is a PDF of my presentation. Part of my presentation was telling you about who I am since I am with your children for a good portion of their day. You get to see a lot of pictures of my family!

I also thought you should know about my beliefs:

  • I believe reading makes you a better person because you can learn about people different than yourself and have experiences you never have in real life!
  • I believe children are the only future the human race has so we had better teach them well!
  • I believe the glass is full. It isn't half full nor half empty. It is full, half with water, and half full with air!
  • I believe there is no box, so no one should be thinking inside or outside of it.
  • I believe if you think you can or can't you are right.
  • I believe I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to come to Meadowview every day and see all your children's faces.
  • I believe I've been blessed, so I need to give back!

Say CHEESE! Picture day is Tuesday September 25th!

Join Me for Principal Coffee!

I'll be hosting a Principal Coffee on October 4th from 6:30-7:30pm in the LRC. The topic is school safety. We'll talk about our school safety plan and the drills our students practice. I'll answer questions you have as well!

Digital Reading vs. Book Reading - A Great Article!

Check out this awesome article about how digital text is changing the way students are reading. What I thought interesting is how digital reading is vastly different than book reading and yet, students are reading so many more words in their digital texts.

The author uses dessert as a metaphor for the two types of reading: watermelon vs. chocolate. Both are desserts, and both are enjoyable. One, however, is more enriching to our bodies versus the other. Yet, we can enjoy both. So when it comes to digital and book reading, we have to teach kids to do both kinds of reading. I think you'll enjoy the article!

iReady Parent Guide

Learn about iReady with this parent guide. iReady is an assessment tool we will be using for our benchmark testing, it replaces STAR. Like STAR, this assessment will help us determine which students need interventions beyond what is happening in the classroom. You will receive more information about iReady from your child's teacher.

Deciding When Not to Keep Your Child Home

When you need to decide if your child is too sick to send to school, this hand out from Attendance Works gives you great information! You can also ask our district nurse, Cindy Dore, RN, PEL-CSN, via email or by phone 630-967-2015.

School Wide Behavior Expectations

Meadowview has school wide behavior expectations that we review on a regular basis. They are also posted in our common areas like the gym, hallways, and near exit doors for recess or buses. Our three big expectations are to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible.

Here are all of the expectations that we go over at the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Teachers also have classroom behavior expectation that they go over during the year, multiple times a year. If you have questions about the expectations, please contact your child's teacher.

Differences Between a Conflict, Being Rude, Mean, & Bullying

Woodridge District 68 has a policy (#5440) regarding bullying. I've gone into all the classrooms and discussed the difference between being rude, being mean and bullying. Additionally, in the upper grades (4-6) I've discussed what conflict is.

Conflict: A difference of opinion - we all experience conflict, it is part of life.

My husband and I have a conflict over who is making dinner on some nights!

Rude: accidentally hurting someone's feelings - usually not intentional

When you bump into someone because you are not paying attention is rude.

Mean: intentionally hurting someone's feelings

When someone says something like "you are wearing that ugly sweater again?" or something like "that is the dumbest thing ever".

Bullying: has 3 components
Intentionally mean (verbal, physical, or in writing)
Happens over and over (victim can't get away), happens over time
There is a power imbalance (many vs. one, large vs. small, etc)

When I visited classrooms, students listened to different scenarios and had to decide what was mean, rude or bullying.

Here a letter that should have gone home to you at curriculum night or after, if you were unable to attend.

If your child sees bullying occurring, or is a victim, please have them tell a trusted adult immediately. They will complete a bullying form with that adult or with me. Then all the parent/guardians of those involved will be contacted. I will investigate and then appropriate consequences will be issued. Please remember that I cannot divulge what those consequences are to anyone other the parents of the child.

If you have questions, please feel free to email or call me.

Join Band!

Mr. Payne would like you to join band! Read all about it in this flyer!

Happy Birthday to our August Birthday Celebrants!