Sardinia, Italy

Many people think of Sardinia as a desolate place of jungles and mountains, but in reality it is a splendid land lined with dazzling beaches, crammed with bunched up boat yards, it is a center of soccer and is a range of restaurants.

Sardinias sweets and fancy food

Ranging from pizza to snails sardinia is a host to a delightfully large variety of food. Such as Le Rigatoni alla carbonara my favorite food (as seen below) utilizes the extremely high quantity of wild boar in the region (they are the chunks of meat). Whether it is a sandwich of different meat (below pasta middle) called the focaccia alla salsiccia. wild bird are common game we often hunt them but not as trophies but as ingredient for anything from soup to pizza, they can also be brought to small towns called villagi along with herbs (villagi seen below past left and right) the herbs are drowned in butter and cheese to make them "edible". Fish are the largest