Friday Focus

November 15, 2013

Great Job Everyone!

As you are aware, parent teacher conferences took place November 6 and 7. I am very excited to announce that overall; we met with 98% of our parents. Cindy, Lisa, Sigrid, Kathryn, Suzanne, Sarah, Kris, Paulynn, Nancy, Colleen and Karen had 100% attendance.

Need your help in the Media Center

Over the past years, staff have removed books from the media center without record keeping taking place. Several of the Scholastic leveled readers are missing. Don't get me wrong, books are intended to be circulated, but Jeanne needs to know who has what. The Scholastic leveled materials were purchased with Title funding and we must be able to inform auditors where these materials are located. If you have library books in your classrooms, just touch base with Jeanne to make sure the books are accounted for in the system.

Compact for Learning

Thank you to everyone for sharing the Compact for Learning with their parents at conferences. If you haven't already, please pass the papers along to the office. We will keep them on file for the year.

Year Round School

There has been a buzz in the building since the idea of year round school was discussed at the recent staff meeting. A date for the first meeting hasn't been set yet, but several people are interested in working together on a plan: Ericka, Melissa, Cindy, Sarah, Kim, Paulynn and Kris. If I missed someone, please let me know.

Tech help

A few staff approached me regarding concerns with the use of students in our Technology Department. I have been assured that the only person who has access to staff passwords is Jack himself. When students are sent over to assist us, they are using Jack's password and he changes it quite often.

Special Education Protocol

Just a reminder that teachers are not to request aide support for a student thru the Special Education Director. Aide support must be facilitated by the building administrator.

Odds and Ends

Food Drive continues next week, the boxes are filling quickly.

November 19 and 20, Penny will be out for the last two days of Cognitive Coaching workshops.

November 21, District Leadership meeting, 5:30pm at MS, pizza provided - Jill, Suzanne, Melissa, Kristin, Penny

November 25, Penny meeting with ParaEds at 8:45

November 27, Staff meeting at 7:30 am: Cindy, Carlee, Lisa and Ericka providing treats

Pie throwing assembly @ 11:30