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Palm of hand.

When ever you think you need to raise your hand or show your palm stop yourself and curl your fingers down it is considered rude to present the whole front of your hand. Whether hailing for a taxi or trying to get a waiters attention.

Satun boat rides.

In Thailand a good place to visit is the coast of Satun you can get boat rides to islands off the coast. It is a good place to lay back and enjoy the scenery.


Siracha is a spicy spin on an old fashion Thai sauce recipe. It was a phenomenon in the U.S. last year but was no longer produced in the U.S. Because the spices from the factories hurt peoples eyes. Although it is still sold in Thailand.


Stay away from protesters. There are protesters in Thailand that travel in packs stay away they can become violent.

Prapradaeng Songkran Festival

This is a festival that takes place in April in many rural areas. It is the celebration and preserving of nature there are flower parades all over, and at the end they release fishes and birds to preserve nature if you wish to be daring and experience the culture try it.

Food Stalls

If you are hungry and don't have a lot of many it may be wise to stop and get something to eat at a food stall along the sides of the street. Be adventurous try some exotic Thai food.

Gem Market

On sides of streets. You can bid for gems and stones it is a fun activity for travelers to try.

Nature Reserves

A fun place to look at nature and enjoy the animals and plants of native Thailand. Tour guides can guide and show you all the nature. If you like nature it's definitely a place you'll want to visit.

Learn the language

If your going to Thailand make sure you know the language before you go use Rosetta Stone or another program. Avoid Google translate it's terrible. Also if none of these seem appealing get a translator (human).