Week of Jan. 18--22, 2021

Theme 5, Week 3, Day 1-5

7:30-8:05 Arrival/Breakfast

Big picture

8:05-8:10 Transition to Carpet

Come Join the Circle
On The Rug

8:10-8:15 Greeting Circle

Shake it Like A Duck
It's A Happy Day
Line Up

8:15-8:35 Circle Time

Find a spot on the carpet




Wish You Well

Calming Strategy STAR

S T A R Breathing - Conscious Discipline
Drain Breathing - Conscious Discipline
Preschool Pledge of Allegiance - LittleStoryBug
Texas Pledge of Allegiance
Alphabet Automaticity | Upper Case | 2 Seconds | Jack Hartmann
DJ Count | Count to 100 | Jack Hartmann
Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song
Seasons Song

Shape of the Week:

Shape Songs Collection

Number of the Week:

Count By 1 Song

Letters of the Week:

Review all letters A-Z

Color of the Week:

Review all colors:

red, yellow, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, white, gray

Colors Song | Color Words | Rock Your Body to the Colors | Jack Hartmann

Morning Message

M-MLK Holiday

T-Today we will read about a frog prince.

W-Jack climbed the beanstalk more than once.

R-The princess slept on the pea.

F-Can an elf make a shoe?

8:35-8:50 Math/Science

M-MLK Holiday

T-Write #17/Review writings numbers 0-17

W-Numbers & Counting Magnetic Math Tin/Simple Addition Magnetic Math Tin

R-Numbers & Counting Magnetic Math Tin/Simple Addition Magnetic Math Tin

F-Number Bingo

Music and Movement

Koo Koo Kanga Roo - I Get Loose (Dance-A-Long)
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Superheroes Unite (Dance-A-Long)
Don't Read Like a Robot - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Milkshake
Roar! | Noodle Televison (Thank you for 1k subscribers!)

9:00-9:45 Small Groups/Centers

M-MLK Holiday

T-CLI testing/Lacing Cards

W-CLI Testing/A-Z Sorting Mats

R-CLI Testing/Puzzles

F-Alphabet Bingo


Switch at 9:20

9:50-10:00 Interactive Activity






10:00-10:15 Restroom/ Line up for Recess

Big picture

10:15-10:30 Recess

Line Up
Big picture

10:30-11:00 Outdoor Learning

M-MLK Holiday

T-Musical alphabet

W-Red Light/Green Light

R-What Time Is It Mr. Fox?

F-Fun Friday

11:00-11:30 Lunch

Big picture

11:30-12:00 Brush Teeth/Restroom/Story online

Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush PSA
Henry Holton Takes The Ice
The Hula-Hoopin' Queen read by Oprah Winfrey
Strega Nona read by Mary Steenburgen
Private I. Guana read by Esai Morales
Brave Irene read by Al Gore
Rise and Shine (R&B Remix)
Line Up
Get Up

1:00-1:15 Snack

Big picture

1:15-1:45 PE

1:45-1:55 Restroom/Water Break

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1:55-2:10 Read a Loud


M-MLK Holiday

T-The Frog Prince

W-Jack and the Beanstalk

R-The Princess and the Pea

F-The Sweet Mother Who Lives in a Shoe

2:10-2:20 Wrap-Up Circle Time

2:20-2:30 Get Backpacks/Prepare for Dismissal

Big picture
Brain Breaks ♫ Action Songs for Children ♫ Goodbye Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

2:30 Dismissal