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School is Back in Session

Students start classes on Thursday, August 18 and will end the school year, weather permitting, on Tuesday, May 23. We are excited about another school year that will bring many successes by our students. Please try to come out and support our students at their activities because I know they appreciate the support of our community in everything they do.

We had many highlights to last school year that included improved attendance by our students, improved academic achievement and the progression of the 1:World project that puts an iPad in every student’s hands and stretches their learning to higher levels. Academic achievement improved significantly according to local assessment results. State testing results will not be available to schools until the end of October. Student attendance improved dramatically during the 2015-16 school year. Our state has a requirement that 90% of our students must attend 90% of the time. Our attendance improved over 5% to 89.6% which is above the state average of 88.6%. Parents and students made this improvement possible and we thank you.

A new school year brings optimism and excitement. Phase three of our 1:World project will put iPads in the hands of every student grades 3-11. Classroom sets will be added in grades 1-2 for a 2:1 environment. Shared classroom sets of iPads will be available for Preschool through Kindergarten students. Our 1:World project will support teacher’s efforts to transform our student’s learning. These devices will facilitate classroom lessons that require higher level thinking and problem solving skills, just like the expectations of the employers in the workforce.

Strategic planning that will develop the mission, vision and actions for the next five years of our school district will also be completed by the end of the school year. Many of you may be asked, or already have been asked, via surveys, what the most important measures of success are for our school district. Our Board of Education has been working to develop a comprehensive improvement plan that establishes goals and benchmarks for each area of measurement. Additional information on strategic planning will come later this fall.

Please watch for children walking to school or waiting at the bus stops in the mornings and afternoons. Thank you for the role you play in supporting the students of the Excelsior Springs School District. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at 816-630-9200, dlawrence@ga.essd40.com , or simply stop by for a visit at 300 W. Broadway.

World Without Teachers

Employee Portal

To access your payroll information, leave requests and balances, or to update your information with the district; please access our new Employee Portal.

The portal can be found on our website under the Staff tab.

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2016-2017 Calendar

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Educational Foundation

The Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation greeted new teachers to the district with a mug filled with school supplies and $100 for help in setting up their classrooms.

If you would like to contribute to the Foundation, submit a simple payroll form to the Personnel Department and your contributions can help to fund students and teachers throughout the district. Your donations go directly to teachers and students here in Excelsior Springs and are considered charitable donations.

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About Us

The mission of the Excelsior Springs School District, in partnership with students, parents and community, is to assure a focused and challenging curriculum that will monitor progress and provide a comprehensive system of support to prepare all students for their next level of learning.
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