Maple Room

Children at Work 11.9 - 11.13

An Exploration of The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

In preparation of our upcoming integrated study of how living systems meet their needs, and endure over time, we paid a visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this past Friday. While there, we split into small groups of four, and toured the space. Working in small groups allowed us to facilitate more purposeful tours. Each tour was strongly rooted in and guided by student's interests. Collectively we visited a number of gardens, and the gift shop where we observed terrariums.

It is beautiful to watch the children freely explore this space, especially as it is beginning to become more familiar to them. We ask ourselves, how can repeated exposure over time help to shape experience, refine knowledge, and ignite interests both new and old?

Enjoy the photographs above and below, documenting our visit to the garden.

A special thank you to all of the chaperones who were able to join us for this trip. Your support was so appreciated and needed.

Pricilla leads the children in a game before they board the bus.

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Light and Shadow Exploration

This week, we opened our light and shadow exploration center. We started simple, with white light, and a few materials. As you look through these photographs, ask yourselves the following guiding questions. We'd love to hear your responses.

How can an exploration like this expand our imagination?

How can it support us as story tellers?

What new interests will develop in response to light and shadow play?

How are current interest and studies supported through light and shadow play?


This week through mindfulness, we focused on the importance of mindful listening, and using our breath as an anchor.
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Preparing for a Publishing Party on November 25th!

Following Community Gathering on the 25th of November, we will be having a Writing Celebration. Children will be sharing their small moment work with all of you during this time. The Maples have been working hard to revisit old pieces, adding beautiful details to make their stories come to life. We've also been studying craft moves used by some of our favorite authors as we prepare to publish our own work.

Important Information and Announcements

Book Baggie Sewing:

We will begin to have children sew pieces of fabric onto other pieces of fabric. These designs will eventually be attached to their individual book baggies. If you would like to help children sew during exploration, or if you are interested in sewing their final products onto their bags using a sewing machine, please let us know ASAP.

Family Teacher Conferences:

This Thursday and Friday we will be hosting Family Teacher Conferences. If you've not yet signed up, you may this coming week. A schedule of remaining times will be posted outside of our classroom. We're looking forward to sharing your child's work and experience with you during this time.

Compass Gala 2015:

Our Gala is quickly approaching. This is a great event, and our biggest fundraiser of the year. We would love for all Maple families to attend. Please click on one of the links below to purchase ticket, or volunteer your time. If you'd like to purchase a ticket at a discounted price, please enter the code compass family before you complete your purchase.

Additionally, if you see Liza thank her for all of her hard work. She is a Maple class parent, and one of the Gala's co-chairs.