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The car's are real - you can achieve them!

When you read about people achieving holiday's and car's you may think 'yeah, yeah, yeah' but guess what... it's true!! I never thought I'd be driving a Mercedes and now I do thanks to my FM business and amazing team

Hey You

My name is Sharon Howat. I am a top direct sales leader and virtual social media coach. Before I share with you some info about the best company around, let me tell you a little about me.

I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over 6 years, in the Social Media space for over 4 years. My journey began with FM almost 6 years ago. I began my journey to earn some extra cash for our wedding, I not only did that and in 2012, I was able to quit my job and start my 'work for myself' life.

There are many reasons people think about starting something like this. I was also looking for friendships and now some of my best friends are within my FM family. If you are looking for, friendships, purpose, travel. Whatever it is.... joining FM could be your answer. Let's chat, it's free to join and it's free to chat.

Who are WE?


We create products, which can be shared and a lifestyle that will give you financial freedom.


To be the global leader of Multi-Level Marketing and be number 1 for fragrance sales worldwide.
To work ethically with people driven by success.


We create products you can trust; offer fair business principles; work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

We derive energy from pursuing ambitious challenges; we cross national borders and thinking patterns.


We offer a business model which lets you obtain financial freedom regardless of the gender, race, social status and cultural differences; we respect in our business partners independence and difference of opinion, which is our source of diversity and inspiration for growth.

We share knowledge and products; care for each other and other people, as well as for the environment we live in now and the future generations will enjoy.

We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better; we promote the spirit of enterprise.


How FM Cosmetics can change your life
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Learn how to structure YOUR FM business

Extra commission - paid monthly for working hard and hitting the points to earn free cash!

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FM World - World Corporate Presentation

Is it really true?

Being an FM Consultant allows you to have a flexible schedule & set your own goals. No matter what your background is or how many hours you wish to work, you can have a successful business that fits your lifestyle! Our Compensation Plan offers commissions on personal sales & leadership bonuses as you build a team - you only ever need to spend £20 a month on your own sales to earn commission on your team sales!! No pushing parties, no pressure to sell £££'s before you earn commission and if you want a 12 month break you can have it and STILL retain your team!!

Mini Kit £11.50

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The Mini Starter Pack contains the following items: ◾ 1 Black leather-like case containing 20 fragrance samples that are best selling in the UK ◾ 1 Product Catalogue no.26 ◾ 1 Welcome to FM World UK Booklet ◾ 1 Business Opportunity Leaflet ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet

Starter Kit 150 - £48.50

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The Starter Kit 150 contains the following items: ◾ 1 Black Briefcase with 150 samples and a pen ◾ 1 Product Catalogue no.26 ◾ 1 Welcome to FM World UK Booklet ◾ 1 Business Opportunity Leaflet ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet

Complete Starter Kit £59.99

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The Complete Starter Pack contains the following items: ◾ 1 Black Briefcase with 150 samples and a pen ◾ 1 Product Catalogue no.26 ◾ 1 Welcome to FM World UK Booklet ◾ 1 Business Opportunity Leaflet ◾ 1 Marketing Plan Booklet ◾ 1 Price List Booklet PLUS ADDITIONAL STATIONERY PACK which consists of the following sales aids: ◾ Party Manual Booklet ◾ Party Invitations set of 25 ◾ Host a Party Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Customer Vouchers - set of 100 ◾ Earning Opportunity Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Beauty Professionals Opportunity Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Work From Home Mums & Dads Opportunity Leaflet - set of 100 ◾ Product Catalogue No. 26 - 2 books ◾ Fragrance Strips - 70pcs ◾ Receipt Pad

It Feel's like Christmas!

There’s nothing like the excitement of opening your brand new FM Starter Kit & looking inside. Perfume & aftershave fragrance samples, brochures, product samples & much more!

Top 10 reasons to join FM


1. You can be yourself!

No fancy workwear or clothes needed - you just need a sparkling personality and enthusiasm for success to run your own business.

2. You can do this!

No fancy degree's or previous experience needed - all training and support is given.

3. Be part of something bigger than sales!

Our team is a family and we're here to help support 'you' and not just your business.

4. Earn additional income

Earn income instantly (25-33% discount) with an additional bonus plan (paid monthly) by simply connecting the people you care about with the products you believe in. Believe and you will achieve!

5. Earn fantastic 'achievable' rewards

Consultants can earn heavily discounted products in their first 10 days, product vouchers, cash rewards throughout your time, earn cars and holidays (I've been awarded Turkey, Dubai, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland breaks, a Peugeot car and now drive a Mercedes!)

6. Get paid to smell great!

Get paid to wear your favourite fragrances - everyone is working in direct sales daily, we all share our favourite restaurants and movies every day and don't get paid for it - but you can get paid recommending your FM World products!!

7. Be your own boss

You decide when and how much you want to work.

8. Get a committed Central Office team

FM World are invested in you, they want nothing more than to see you succeed and will reward and acknwledge you throughout your career.

9.Today or never...

Don't wait for a year from now. Don't be a statistic that says 'I wish I'd signed up this time last year' start building your new future and life NOW.

10. It's FREE to register and start your business

No catches - you can sign up and start your business today. Don't want to run a business? that's ok too - you can still earn all the same discounts and rewards by being a preferred customer - register for free today!

Who will help me with all of this?

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We create leaders!!

From our Head Office in London:

We have an amazing team at FM head office in Neasden. They have created a second to none "getting started" program which consists of a top class website back office with downloadable training and documents with regular emails specifically geared towards your success. Need help? You can immediately "chat" or call our head office for help.

From our Team (Momentum):

Tuesday Training Day - This consists of training at 8.30pm GMT via Facebook or Zoom, myself or a SUPER VIP guest goes live on our team Facebook page to connect, train and answer your questions and help you uderstand more on product knowledge or party plan, team building, sales and much more!

1:1 Mentoring from me anytime you have questions or want to create a business plan and talk about how you build your team or business to the levels you wish to achieve. Being an Independent Consultant means you run your business how you see fit. There is no one way to work this business. I'm just here to train, support & guide your decisions to what works best for you!

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Are you ready?

Have any questions, you can call, text or message me anytime! I'm always happy to share the business opportunity!

I took the opportunity and have never looked back!

Sign up HERE TODAY and for FREE! (no catches!)

A bit more about me...

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Join FM today!

Doesn't FM look amazing? Well it is! I have been doing this for almost 6 years and have had the best experience of my life. Feel free to read more about my journey and places FM has allowed me to travel by clicking HERE!

I can't wait to chat with you more about the FM opportunity. My contact information is below or just ping me a message on Facebook. I am always ready to talk FM any time day or night.

Contact me. I can't wait to talk!