Heads up!

By: Victoria Peterson

Starting with the Internet

As you spend more time with the internet, you can embarrass yourself, screw up your computer, or even worse, people that you don’t know could start talking to you. These issues come from just being online no matter what you are doing. You have to use your brain to be safe.

How the Internet Works

If you wanna post something and you don’t know if you should, think about if your parents and teachers see this. What would they think? If you think they won’t like it, don’t share it. Once you post something online, it stays there forever. Until time ends, it will stay there so think twice before you share.


No cyber-bullying!!! Would you say this to there face? If you wouldn’t, definitely don’t say it online. It’s just another way of talking so don’t take advantage of it. Even if you would say it to their face, what if someone said this to you? Would you like that? I doubt it.

Abuse and Privacy

If you see something on the internet that’s very disrespectful and inappropriate, tell an adult and report the disrespectful thing. For some reason someone might be bullying you, don’t answer, tell an adult, report abuse, and block or delete them. If you see someone bullying someone else, report it. Don’t ignore it. Protect yourself by putting privacy settings on your social media. Don’t say something that could ruin your live on the internet (passwords, bank information, ex.). When something looks suspicious, don’t download/open something that you think could get you viruses.