By: Jack Plumb

Lack of rainfall therefore farmers are unable to grow their crops which results in hungry people. Also people are very poor so they cannot buy food

(Southern Africa's silent disaster).

As a result, more than 2,500 children are dying each day(misionareisofafrica).

One cause of hunger is because there is terrible soil.

That is a picture of what used to be great farming soil but is not all dried up and useless.

Farmers Use to be able to farm and grow food for their family but now their crops looks like this.

Since the soil is so bad the farmers family is either starving, very poor or both which is very scary

One impact is that many people are dying.

As a result of bad soil more than 2,500 children are dying each day.

240 million are malnourished.

The kid above is starving and suffering which is not good at all.

America is sending troops and food over to Africa to help and having red Cross go and help the people who are starving. (Chad, culture grams).

Most people do not have access to a clean water source(Chad, culture grams).

"Funding comes primarily from private donations and grants, but these can do little more than provide some medicines, first-aid training, and a few doctors. Mission clinics provide care to those who can afford it"(chad, culture grams).

Many people are dying because they do not have enough food. One reason why is because farmers are not able to farm because of the drought. Many people are also dying because of not enough food.

One cause of hunger is because there is terrible soil.

"The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of liberation."

- John F. Kennedy

"When people were hungry, Jesus didn't say, "Now is that political, or social?" He said, "I feed you." Because the good news to a hungry person is bread."

- Desmond Tutu