Knight Notes

FHN Happenings, November 10, 2014

Happy Monday!

Last week was fantastic! There were phenomenal things going on in our classrooms, in our hallways, and in our community at-large.

It was great to see cooperative learning structures going on in classrooms and to hear students confidently articulate what they were doing and why they were doing it (objectives). In addition, the visitors that we hosted from EdPlus on November 6, 2014, (formerly CSD) were really impressed by what they observed in classrooms; they specifically noted that teachers were doing a nice job of engaging students.

In addition, our students continued to display great behavior in the hallways and in classrooms, and they are excelling when they are out in the community. Your presence, instruction, and coaching are having a huge impact on our students. THANK YOU!

Have a great week!


  • DECA Week was great success. Thank you Melissa, Lori, and Mike for organizing a great week. It was nice to see so many kids involved.
  • DECA Jump-off was a huge success. Over $800 was raised for MDA, there were a lot of faculty and student participants, and the faculty was once again victorious.
  • FHN had 14 students selected to the 2014 District Honor Band. Congratulations, Mr. Moorman and Mr. Ahlmeyer. Great work!
  • 5 FHN students were selected to the All-State Choir and 1 was selected as an alternate. Congratulations, Ms. Smith.
  • We had a successful parent coffee. It was great to meet with our parents and to get some excellent feedback.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Manfull, Ms. Klackner, and the kids in 026. They had a unbelievably successful trip to DC, and they brought back a lot of hardware to FHN. For example, FHNTVToday and the North Star won NSPA Pacemeaker Awards (the highest award possible in high school journalism. There were numerous other awards that were won by our students, and I will share as soon as I get the complete list.

5 Quick Facts about a Colleague

In an effort to get to know a little more about our colleagues, I will share five quick things about one colleague each week. The selected colleague chooses what to share, and then, he or she chooses the colleague who will share five quick things for the next week.

This week we learn more about Kent Stover:

  1. I have gone to every prom (and most other dances) at FHN for the last 20 years.
  2. Our family has a long haired guinea pig named Barbossa as a pet.
  3. My kids are 15 months in age apart but 2 grade levels apart in school.
  4. Every summer my family marches in a bagpiper parade.
  5. I started coaching volleyball the year Carson Yuede was born.

Kent chooses Chris Dalton to go next!


1. Just a friendly reminder from the district for this winter: When school is called off for the day and class is cancelled, the buildings are completely shut down. No Practices, workouts, etc. should take place. During ½ snow days and early release due to snow, this applies as well. Thanks for working with the district on this so that we can get the lots cleared and the sidewalks ready for the first available day to return during bad weather.

2. As it is getting colder and students are wearing more head gear, I am going to provide a reminder for our students to remember to take off any hats, bandanas, and hoodies and store them in book bags or lockers at the beginning of the school day. I would appreciate your continued efforts to encourage students to follow these guidelines in your class and in the hallways. Thank you!

Maintenance Update

Here are some notes from Tim and Adam about what has been completed in the building:

  • The upper portion of the walls on the third floor was repainted.
  • This allowed TIm and Adam to hang up all of the class banners.
  • In addition, the following rooms were painted: 57, 112, 120, 119, 116, 9, and 11.

I greatly appreciate their efforts to improve the condition and appearance of our building.

Technology Update

Check out the technology blog for the latest and greatest information on FHN tech.

Upcoming Events/Information

PTO Meeting

Monday, Nov. 10th, 6-7pm

FHN-Main Office

School Visit from St. Louis Teacher Academy

Monday, Nov. 10th, 12-2:30pm

FHN-Guidance College and Career Center

Peggy Dersch from EdPlus is bringing teachers from some area districts to see the great things that our teachers are doing in their classrooms.

Scholar Bowl Hat Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 7:30am-2:30pm

2549 Hackmann Rd

St Charles, MO

Early Release Wednesday

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 7:30am

2549 Hackmann Rd

St Charles, MO

Hat Day for Harvest Ridge Student

Friday, Nov. 14th, 7:30am-2:30pm

2549 Hackmann Rd

St Charles, MO

I know this is the second hat day of the week. However, I was certain that you would want to join Harvest Ridge and several other FHSD schools in hosting a hat day to raise money for a Harvest Ridge student who was hit by a car Halloween night. The student will be a future Knight and needs our support.

Lunch and Learn

Friday, Nov. 14th, 10am-12:30pm

FHN-Learning Commons

Gina Hartman will be leading out learning regarding Schoology. RSVP with Dr. Birch.