Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

March 10, 2017

What is going on?

Writing: We will continue imaginative writing this week. Students will learn how to hook their reader with a good lead-question, onomatopoeia, dialogue, setting, fact, funny. Students will also learn to show not tell. This is an adding details writing strategy.

Spelling Words and Grammar: call, far, head, most, red, suddenly, thing, want

This week we begin a 2 week unit on pronouns. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.

Reading: We will look at the features of procedural texts and determine the strategies needed to read and understand this type of literature

Math: We will begin to subtract 3-digit numbers by practicing various strategies to solve these more challenging problems. The students will be expected to apply these different strategies when completing our daily problem solving.

Social Studies: The student is learning to identify what is a government and leaders within the government and their roles. Students will name current public officials and ways that the public officials are selected. Later in the week, students will identify governmental services in the community such as police and fire protection, libraries, schools, and

parks and explain their value to the community.


Field Trip Forms and money due Thursday, March 23

This and that-

March 13-17- Spring Break

March 30th Field Trip to see the Jungle Book- I will send home information on March 20th- permission slips will be due by the 23rd- FYI- we are asking for $7.00 to help cover costs of the play

April 14th Good Friday- No school

Happy Spring Break!