Self-Respect (Self Esteem)

How it impacts YOU and OTHERS

By: Julia Yang Period 9

What is Self Respect?

To feel confident and proud in one self. To have dignity, pride, and accept who you are. Or, it could be your opinions about your self.

"They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them" - Mahatma Gandhi

Important information:

  • Having self respect lowers the chance of being depressed
  • Key to achieving "Peace of mind"
  • The way we evaluate our self
  • No less, no more
  • Accept what you cannot change about yourself

Taken from "Self Respect VS Self Esteem"

More in depth

Self respect is the way we view our selves and see if we are comfortable with who we've become. Where do you classify yourself? Are you happy with the decisions you've made? Self respect helps everyone to gain confidence and believe that they are fine the way they are. Do not change who you are just because you want others to like you. Or you want to fit in with a group that you're not so sure about. Self respect will remind you that no one's perfect, no one's alike, and no one's lesser than others. You are satisfied with your self and knowing that you don't need changes. We like ourselves because of who we are, not because of the improvement we need to make. Overall, self respect is extremely important in our every day lives. It effects you by the way you look at yourself when you wake up in the mornings. It effects others by mentally stating that you are a strong, confident person who doesn't need to make changes to please others.

How can you achieve self respect?

The solutions the achieving self respect is very simple. You have to stop listening about the negative judgements and start listening and understanding all the wonderful characteristics of yours. There are many ways to respect your self. Respect your personality; you can't change who you are! Break the shell you've been living in. Respect your mind; mentally understanding that you are already perfect with the way you are. Respect the people you surround yourself with; if the group you're hanging out with is making you uncomfortable of any kind, stop interacting with them. No one should be in an environment where negative energy is present. Attitude is key. Treat yourself the respect and never take yourself from less.