2015 Year in Review

Adv. Sports and ent. marketing pd.5 Anthony Bruno

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

1. Apple marketed themselves very well in 2015 because they created new and advanced products to satisfy their customers. Apple also did a very good job spreading the word of their company and products, because they have so much money they can do major advertising.

2. Doritos marketed themselves very well by making new flavors of they product and also adding a lot of advertising, again, due to their large sum of money. Doritos also tends to advertise their product using comedy which encourages most people to buy more Doritos.

3. Nike does a nice job marketing because they came out with hundreds of new shoes in 2015. like Doritos and Apple they also have a lot of money for advertising and therefor are seen everywhere, Nike, I believe, also establishes a relationship with customer and many of them come back and buy new shoes.

Top Products

1. iphone 6s

2. Hover board

Worst Product

1. iwatch

2. Steam Console

Top movies marketed in 2015

1. Star Wars was by far the best movie in 2015. This movie had major success because everyone was super ecstatic for it. This movie had many prequels spanning over many years so people of all ages were into the series of movies. They also did a bunch of advertising and was in many commercials for other things. they were seen almost everywhere during the entire year of 2015.

2. Jurassic World was the second best movie in 2015. this movie was highly anticipated because of its previous movies. The Jurassic park movies were seen by mostly everyone so almost everyone was excited for it to come out. Also, they brought something new to the movies by adding very advanced technology while still connecting to the other movies.

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Top Two Musical Artists in 2015

1. Drake was a wonderfully market artist because he got a whole bunch of publicity from his fight with meek mill. Also he had some major hit singles such as "Hot-Line Bling"

2. Fetty Wap was a top artist in 2015 because he made music that most high-schoolers started listening to. he also had many songs that trended on social media.

Most Popular Feature Films Released In 2015

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2. The Hateful Eight

3. Joy

4. Sicario

5. Creed

New Years Resolutions

- I will bench 150 by the end of the year.

-Be nicer to my sister.

-Get all A's for final grades.