Monday Memo

June 1

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June 1 8:15 504 for TT

June 1 9:45 ARD for RP Simmons, Steigleder, Ivans

June 1 6:00 Grades due for posting

June 1 6:30 Kindergarten Graduation

June 2 Happy Birthday Kim Fedde

June 2 8:15 Awards 2-3

June 2 3:30 Grade verification sheets due

June 2 Wedding Shower for Becca Castillo

June 3 Happy Birthday Donna Ivans

June 3 Report cards go home

June 3 8:15 Awards 4-5

June 3 AR Store

June 3 10:45 ARD for ZV Dankesreiter, Ivans, Steigleder

June 3 1:30 Early Dismissal

June 3 1:30 ARD for AS Steigleder, Witler, Ivans

June 3 3:00 HS Graduation

June 4 8:15 ARD for SW Castillo, Puckett, Steigleder

June 4 Lunch provided

June 4 1:30 Early Dismissal

June 4 1:30 ARD for JA McQueen, Fedde

June 4 2:15 ARD for AH Ivans, McQueen

June 4 2:30 ARD for HV Ivans, McQueen

June 5 Teacher Workday

STAR Early Literacy

Here are the reports that need to be printed out of Renaissance Place and turned in for your end-of-year check out sheet.
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Summer School

If you haven't already, please make sure that you call the parents of students being recommended for summer school. The letters are going out on Monday. We don't want it to be a surprise to parents that their child has been recommended.

AR Store

The AR Store will be on Wednesday. Please send your students to the AR Store with a bag. Please write the student's name on the bang and write 5 on it if the student met their goal for the 4th nine weeks or 10 if they met their goal every grading period.

2nd - 5th Grade Teachers

Remember to archive your unit tests in Eduphoria. There will be a form to sign indicating that you have completed the archival process as part of our checkout routine.

2015-2016 Curriculum Calendar

Remember to update your curriculum calendar for next year. Email Mr. Josselet and me a copy.

Report cards

  • Remember that grades are due today.
  • Verification sheets will be due tomorrow at 3:20.
  • Report cards will go home on Wednesday. Jennifer will be giving you the STAAR results and explanation letters to go home in their report cards.