Title I Newsletter


Title I Technology

  • I am receiving questions regarding Title I technology in connection to the County Digital Plan. All Title I Technology is considered property of the Federal Government and must not be removed from your school. Please be sure that you are keeping up to date inventories and know the exact location of this equipment.
  • Please also continue to spot check equipment to ensure that it is being used according to the WCPS Technology Policy. A reminder that you are to keep a calendar of dates and equipment checked. Please provide the Title I Office with a copy.
  • Equipment in your building may be spot checked during Monitoring. Please be sure that you can provide an inventory upon request and that you are able to locate all materials/technology listed. Thank you

Highly Qualified / Principal Attestation

  • As you know, each year you provide me with written verification attesting that all teachers and paraprofessionals are Highly Qualified. Please make sure that you have a signed/dated (when you submitted your final copy of School Improvement Plan) copy of this on file with your records as well. The Title I Office has a copy, but you must also have a copy in your school that is available upon request.
  • Some of you have been working with HR and myself to secure Highly Qualified positions in your buildings. If we were unable to find someone and you have substitutes in your building that are not Highly Qualified, be sure that you have your letter to parents that includes the teacher's certifications/qualifications, mailing labels and class roster of students with whom the teacher is working on file. A reminder that all paperwork must be submitted to Title I Office as well.

Title I Principal Meetings

Please use the link below to indicate your preference for our Title I Principal Meetings. Thank you


Lincoln on Leadership: Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips

If you are looking for a great book on Leadership, this is excellent. It examine's Lincoln's leadership style and the strategies that he employed throughout his presidency. This would be an excellent book study for teachers considering leadership roles.
The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President
I know this is from 2015 and that some of you may have seen it, but Kid President does a wonderful job speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr. I thought you might want to share it with your students.

Kerry L. Walent, Title I Supervisor

Phone: 31-766-2936