Raider Nation Staff Newsletter

Week of March 25, 2019

Support for Our Colleagues

Hello Raider Nation --

I begin this newsletter with some very sad news. Members of our family have been hit hard with significant losses of loved ones in their lives. Please be sure to reach out to Sandy Eggerl, who lost her father recently, Jean Fregeau, who lost her mother this week, and Neil Gwinn who just lost his mother this past weekend. Sandy, Jean, and Neil – know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

We have a busy, busy week ahead of us! Empty Bowls and Strutting with the Staff (SWTS) happen to fall on the same evening! I know it is hard to be in two places at the same time but both allow you to contribute to worthy causes. Please consider helping via donations. Here is the link for SWTS -- Click on this link and donate - which will add votes for Atholton! Also, during Raider Time, there will be a basketball competition taking place in the gym.

The PIP scheduled for this week is canceled. I know you all are disappointed by this (Lol!). We will cover the information about the Raider Time Student Values activity during the April faculty meeting. Enjoy the gift of time!

Thank you to our awesome Student Services Department for organizing our Junior Interviews. It was so nice seeing our students dressed up and looking so professional. Unfortunately, as soon as their interviews were over, they changed their clothes (lol!). I joked with a few of them that they should consider coming to school dressed like that on a daily basis. You can imagine their response -- NOT!

Other noteworthy information:

  • Staff Members Giving Diplomas at Graduation: Please let your staff members know that all current, permanent HCPSS staff members who are parents/guardians of graduating seniors may present the diploma to their child(ren) at their commencement ceremony. Those who wish to do so must notify the graduation coordinator at their child’s school by Wednesday, April 24.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. -- Duke should have lost!!




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