Where you learn, develop and publish mobile apps!

Exclusive Mobile Master Camp for Students!

Think building mobile applications for Android or iPhone is beyond your reach? Think again! mobi boot camp is here to get you bootstrapped on mobile development. Start building great mobile apps and publish on Google Play or App Store. Or learn the hot HTML5/CSS3 and launch your software development career soon after school. During summer earn your money applying your newly acquired mobile development knowledge and hone your skills while building confidence.

Our unique signature camp Mobile Master is based on a Pay-as-you-Learn model like no other, built on our strong belief that the Web's future is mobile and it is not enough to master just one mobile platform but to know it all. Check out our website for a complete listing of syllabus.

Hands on sessions where you are setup to code from day one!

By the summer of 2014, students who start in October 2013 will, in just 9 months, be able to write Java programs as well as build Android apps and publish those apps to Google Play!