An Icy Storm

For Motor Neuron Disease

The Numbers

Would you believe me if I told you that 2.4 million people have been involved in the ALS Ice Bucket Challege? I know right, that's a massive number. Millions of dollars have been raised for people with Motor Neuron Disease. Ordinary people have done but also the big stars have done it such as Matt Damon. On the right is the former Tennesse Titans linebaker Tim Shaw completing the challenge.

The Original Idea

The Ice Bucket Challenge started off when someone would complete it and they would nominate someone else to do it. If they do it they had to pay $10 and if you didn't you had to pay $100. That was the original plan but then it started to go viral and everyone wanted to have a part of it. A lot of celebrities have taken part.

What is Motor Neuron Disease?

You have cells in your body to carry messages from the brain to the muscles. When those messages stop you most quite likely have Motor Neuron Disease. Overtime you start to get really weak and you don't get better. There is currently no known cure yet but scientists are workng hard to find one. Scientists don't even know when or how Motor Neuron Disease starts. Although I hope one daya cure is found for this horrible idea. So what are you waiting for, start donating now!