The Great Water Cycle

Destiniee Joseph and Jamereon Edwards 3-5-15

Tommy's Adventure

One day Tommy was at the ocean and he saw that he was getting bored then realized that it was also getting hot where he was. So he sighed and dreamed about going into the sky. And about 5 minutes later he started flying like an Air force jet.Tommy noticed that he was evaporating in to the sky

Tommy's reunion Precipitation

When he landed in the cloud Tommy met his step father in the sky ,who was cooling off to.He told him that there is a bridge up ahead .WOW i would like to visit the bridge.The cloud began to shake and and Tommy fell from the sky and noticed that he was doing precipitation precipitation

Tommys falls into the river


Once tommy fell off he said omg I'm about to splash into the big river. Then he finally fell and splash he fell into the river. then all of a sudden he wasn't scared he was cheerful . saying whipe

Tommy seeps into the ground

tommy seeped into the ground and the plant soaked him up