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New Extensions for the 2018-2019 School Year


Each year, there are several discussions that occur about how technology can make the teaching life more efficient. A part of those discussions are Google Chrome Extensions, which are programs embedded to your browser to offer a customized experience. So, if you have taken a look next to your Google Chrome omnibox, you may have noticed that there are some new icons. Or, you may have noticed that your omnibox is a lot smaller since last year. This is due to even more extensions being approved for your efficiency and use in the classroom. Below are the five new extensions that you may have noticed.

Google Cast for Education

This extension lets you wirelessly project any student device that is in your classroom. Imagine being able to project any student device once they're in your classroom. This is exactly the function of this extension. You are able to invite students into your "Cast," and then project project their tab through your computer onto your projection area. No more sharing of presentations to view them when students are presenting!


If you are a person who usually has an innumerable amount of tabs open. this extension if just for you. OneTab combines all of your tabs into one tab with a clickable list of links, saving the memory of your computer by up to 95%. Instead of slowing down the speed of your device, this extension is the epitome of efficiency.

Permanent Clipboard

Permanent Clipboard is an extremely handy tool when providing feedback to students or if you frequently find yourself typing the same thing over and over. Think of this as a place to store important information without ever leaving your browser. To utilize this tool, set up a few entries in the Permanent Clipboard extension, such as comments or other important information that you refer to frequently. Then, when you are commenting on a Google Doc, if you right-click in the comment box, you will have the option to "Insert from Web Clipboard." A dropdown will appear, allowing you to choose one of your items, and inserting it for time saving feedback and information.

The QR Code Extension

This is a highly useful extension! This allows you to generate a QR Code on the current website, or scan a QR Code to visit a certain site. Then, copy and hang around the room so students are able to easily visit websites with a simple scan from their device. A cool way to use this would be to assign a few different tasks located around the room, have students scan the code, complete the task with the given link, and then move on to the next "station."

Screencastify Extension

A portable desktop recorder. Create easy screencasts, edit, and then share the knowledge with students or others. Students can use this to showcase parts of a project that they are proud of. On the reverse side, teachers can easily create screencasts to demonstrate directions without having to continually explain them.

Chrome Extension Overload?

If you feel like you're on an Extension Overload and you would like to diminish the amount of extensions that are visible, you are able to manage them quite easily. With the extension visible next to the omnibar, simply right click on the icon. You are then presented with an option to "Hide in Chrome Menu." This allows for even further customization for your browsing experience!

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