Tomahawk Essentials

November 16, 2015

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Week at a Glimpse

Book Fair


8:30-9:00 Specials PLC

10:30-11:00 3rd Grade Math PLC

11:40-12:10 5th Grade Math PLC

2:15-2:45 1st Grade Math PLC

6:00-7:00 Feeder School Site Council Meeting @ FT



7:00 PTO Meeting

Wednesday: Pink & Jeans

8:30-9:30 New Principal Meeting (Christy out of the building)

9:30-11:30 Administrative Staff Meeting (Christy & Michelle out of the building)

4:00 -5:00 BLT Meeting


9:30-10:00 4th Grade Math PLC

10:00-11:00 Data Walks with Stacy Shipley

12:45-1:15 2nd Grade Math PLC

1:15-1:45 Kindergarten Math PLC

5:30-7:00 Book Fair/Family Night


9:30 Office Staff Meeting


10:00-2:00 Holiday Mart

MAP Training

Please plan to view the MAP proctor training with me during PLC the week of November 30-December 4. We will meet in the large conference room. Certified staff will go through the MAP Overview PD during the staff meeting on December 2. Classified staff will meet in the conference room on December 2nd/ 3rd to go through the proctor training.

Fox 4 News Seeking Reaching 4 Excellence Subjects

Fox 4 News is looking for more students to feature in their Reaching 4 Excellence series. This series features outstanding students who are doing great things, have achieved something great, have overcome an obstacle, have compelling personal stories, are strong leaders or have earned a unique honor. It can be any age student.

Please send all ideas to Maggie Kolb at

KITE Client

A new version of KITE will be used this year. If KITE is currently on a computer, the application will automatically update itself to the latest version. If a computer does not have KITE on it, it may be installed from the Soft-ware Center. Directions for installing KITE are in the file titled “Installing Kite Client.docx.”

Let it G.L.O.W. ~ Generate Loads of Wonder

Weekly Wonders

Monday: What is Mulch?

Tuesday: How old is Football?

Wednesday: How do police know how fast you are driving?

Thursday: Where is the quietest town in America?

Friday: Who are the Amish?

What's Trending...

Would you like an easy, user-friendly teacher resource that helps you navigate all the new technology we are teaching? In case you weren’t aware, there is a GREAT resource for Olathe teachers on O-Zone called OPS EdTech. The link is: or you can find it on O-Zone under T&L.

Find the best apps, programs and resources for a particular type of learning, such as Digital Storytelling, Math, or Assessments. Just click on the “Tech Tools” tab and see the list that will link you to all the resources.

Have students learn a skill like improving their organization, creating a timeline, or creating cartoons. Click on the tab for “Teacher Resources” and discover all the resources that can help.

Browse the “Training & PD” tab for all the different ways our district offers technology training (for professional development point), such as “Appy Hour” and “Lunch and Learn.”

If you scanned this email quickly thinking, “Yeah, yeah, maybe I’ll check this later if I have time,” I would encourage you to squeeze 5 minutes in this month where you can click on the link and see what it has to offer. It is EASY, and it may become your new favorite resource!”

Kagan Korner

The Kagan Structure for November is Talking Chips.

Directions for Talking Chips can be found in the link above. Please incorporate this structure in your lesson plans for November.

The GLOW Report

Please complete this form to recognize a staff member(s) at Tomahawk that has gone above and beyond to help you, a staff member, or TH family out this week.

Jose ~ Thank you for coming back to school to turn off the fire alarm!! ~Christy

Kelli~ Thank you for suggesting and offering to store an extra set of documents that I need in your file cabinet when the conference room is in use. That is so thoughtful!! ~Christy

Connie & Shannon~ Thank you for helping out my sub and myself last week when I had a sick kiddo at home!~ Gayla